Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Dog Leashes

It is true that a dog enjoys more when he runs with his tongue out on the field, throwing himself like a madman for the ball or chasing birds. However, in the city this is not always possible. Not only for legislative reasons, but because it can sometimes lead to dangers.

Because a small, medium or large dog leash, if it is of quality, provides maximum mobility to your dog and, to you, maximum tranquility. Therefore, so that you can be part of this select club, and your dog only barks with joy, we have prepared this detailed guide on the best leashes for dogs.

  • Walking your dog on a leash is not only a matter of coexistence (in many cities it is expressly forbidden to carry it loose in certain areas), but also a matter that influences the safety of the dog itself. With the right model, you will enjoy rides to the fullest without compromising anyone’s integrity.
  • There are a wide variety of dog leashes on the market today. In addition, the amount of materials available will allow you to always obtain the one that best suits your needs. For example, metal leashes are a good idea if your dog is still very small and tends to nibble on everything in front of him.
  • You must take into account the character of your dog. An unstable or strong dog is not recommended to be walked on an extendable leash. On the other hand, if he is somewhat restless, but always behaves well, there is no point in limiting him with a short leash. Take this and other criteria into account to always be able to buy the best option.

The best dog leashes on the market: our favorites

With an estimated population of about 500 million, dogs have become one of the most recurrent pets in our society. Faithful companions, they end up becoming one more member of the family. With this place they occupy, it is not surprising that there are countless possibilities when it comes to straps, but what are the five best today?

  • Best extendable dog leash
  • The best leash for medium and large dogs
  • The best double leash for dogs
  • Best Retractable Dog Leash
  • The best dog leash with reflective stitching

Best extendable dog leash

We started the classification of the best leashes for dogs with this Flexi bet. It is a leash for dogs extendable up to 5 meters. With it, your dog will enjoy maximum freedom without twisting; you? From the tranquility of a dog leash that does not get stuck. And it is that its retractable system is one of the best on the market today.

Thanks to its ergonomic handle you can wear the strap without discomfort in the hand for a long time. Also, as it is made of consistent materials, the chances of it breaking are very low. Available in a wide variety of colors and three sizes, it is a cheap option, but with an above-average value for money.

dog leash

The best leash for medium and large dogs

This JBYAMUK leash for large and medium dogs is characterized by its solidity and resistance; Not in vain, it is made with the same material with which mountain climbing ropes are made. Thanks to this, and despite its thickness, it is manageable and robust enough to walk strong and large dogs without problems. Of course, it only measures 1.5 meters.

For about € 10 you can get this cheap dog leash backed by almost a hundred user reviews and an extraordinary average rating (4.6 / 5 stars). To all this is added an ergonomic and padded handle that allows a comfortable and long grip. Finally, the company agrees to return the money if you are not satisfied (30 days).

The best double leash for dogs

To kill two birds with one stone there is this double dog leash from U-picks. Ideal for when you have two dogs and you live alone or the person who usually accompanies you on dog walks is not available. Thanks to it, you can control both dogs with just one hand, all with a special mechanism that prevents annoying tangles.

It is made up of two parts made of high-quality nylon: a base strap of approximately 95 cm and another two hooked to the first through a carabiner. The latter are flexible, with what they oscillate between 50 and 90 cm more or less and, in addition, they grant certain autonomy to the dogs. The three straps are reflective for when you walk at night.

Best Retractable Dog Leash

Available in two versions (3 and 5 m respectively) this retractable dog leash from OUTAD is a real bet for comfort, both for your dog and yours. It is characterized by great flexibility and resistance. Thanks to its controlled extension system, it allows you to give your dog greater freedom, but without sacrificing safety.

Its simple hook allows you to quickly attach it to your “furry” collar, so you can be dancing and exploring around in a matter of minutes. Regarding the design, based on high quality plastic and an ergonomic handle, it is specially designed to hold up to 15 kg (in the case of the 3 m) or 50 kg (in the 5 m extension models).

The best dog leash with reflective stitching

We close the ranking of the best dog leashes of 2020 with a reflective dog leash. Thanks to this detail, you can walk with your “furry” at any time, since you will always be reachable, even at considerable distances. Pecute’s commitment also stands out for being a nylon dog leash designed to support up to 50 kg of weight.

The housing is made of high quality ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic. The hook, on the other hand, exhibits great resistance to corrosion, making the Pecute leash an ideal choice for outdoor moments. As a good retractable dog leash, it has a brake and lock system that allows you to have total control.

Why buy a dog leash?

The reasons that can lead you to buy one of the best Amazon dog leashes are many. First of all, there is a legal component. In many areas of many cities it is forbidden by law to walk with a loose dog. This can be a nuisance, but it has its logic: this will avoid possible problems due to attacks and, in addition, the safety of your dog is enhanced.

But of course, a good dog leash has to allow you to control the situation at all times. And beyond that, it cannot not offer freedom to your “furry.” Remember that it is a positive element, to enjoy a smooth ride together, and not a tool of submission. This is why extendable dog leashes are so useful.

dog leash2

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a dog leash?

Beyond freedom and legislation, dog leashes offer endless benefits. Not to mention the number of variants there are – and which we list in the next section. But for now we are going to focus on the benefits and drawbacks that the purchase of one of the best Amazon dog leashes can bring to you and your dog:

  • They provide security with little less freedom
  • They are cheap
  • Some options allow two dogs to be walked at the same time
  • Offered in different lengths and for different dog sizes
  • They allow you to keep the dog under control
  • Features easy-to-manage ergonomic handles
  • They allow to carry the bags for the “poops” in the handle
  • Many are also used to train your “furry”
  • If they are not of good quality they tend to tangle
  • They must be made of materials suitable for your dog, or else it may break them

What kind of dog leashes are there?

The quantity of leashes for dogs is very extensive. If we wanted, we could write an article dedicated to each of them and expand the list of Amazon dog leashes, since, on the portal, there are hundreds. Furthermore, some classifications are ambiguous, so they would be susceptible to even more separations. In order not to get you confused, we have decided to simplify it to the maximum:

  • Traditional dog leash: They are conventional dog leashes, that is, without any special extras or unusual additions. They stand out for their simplicity and are effective for quiet and not very long walks. Their material will be determined by the weight and character of your “furry” (the more energy and strength, the stronger materials).
  • Extendable dog leashes : Also called retractable leashes or flexi dog leashes –by the brand that popularized them–, they are an excellent option in case you want to give more freedom to your friend, usually a small or medium size. All this without sacrificing security, since they have locking systems and allow the strap to be gradually released.
  • Multi-position dog leashes : These types of leashes define themselves. These are versatile options that allow you to use the strap in a variety of ways. By doing so, you can take your dog for a walk, giving him more freedom or “forcing” him to spend time with you. They are a good option to do sports with your “furry” without having to lose sight of him (although for this, the elastic bands that can be attached to the waist may be better).
  • Training strap: We already dedicated an entire article to this type of strap. They are characterized by a shorter length and superior resistance. They are ideal to teach our dog good behavior, as well as to walk peacefully with us. If you are going to use them with a large dog, it is recommended that they be made of nylon; On the contrary, if you want them for a puppy, the best thing is that they are made of metal, since this way he will not be able to bite them.

What material is better in a dog leash?

Dog leashes can be made of various materials. Throughout this article we have already mentioned several of the possibilities that exist in this regard. Even, on more than one occasion, we have let you see when they are the best or worst option. But since we are not in high school, we are not going to ask you to analyze the text, we already do it for you !:

  • Nylon Leashes: Nylon dog leashes are one of the best options. They stand out because they are easy to handle and very comfortable, but also resistant. In addition, they have a very interesting aesthetic “point”, since they are usually offered in an infinity of colors and designs. As for their maintenance, they can be washed without problem. Its downside? If they don’t have a good handle, they can slip from your hands with some ease, something that, on the other hand, can also cause burns.
  • Leather Leashes: Leather dog leashes are very sturdy and also stylish. However, they are not exactly very ethical (unless they are made of synthetic leather). With what face can one walk an animal on a leash made from the skin of another animal? This is nonsense! If you opt for one of them, make it synthetic, since the durability and ease of cleaning are practically the same as the genuine ones.
  • Metal leashes or chains: This type of dog leash is useful, more than anything, when your “furry” is a restless and playful puppy. Why? At this stage of canine life, your pet may tend to chew and play with everything. With a metal dog leash you will avoid having to constantly buy a new one, as well as help the dog to learn that this is not a toy.

How long should a dog leash be?

There is no appropriate measure. It all depends on how your dog is and what you are looking for. However, we can consider that extendable or not leashes for dogs, from 3 to 5 m, are the best, since they offer great freedom to your dog without it being able to go very far (as happens with those of 8 or more meters).

The important thing, yes, is that the strap is not tight. Keep in mind that this should feel liberating, as well as the walk you want to take with your “furry.” Therefore, try to always carry it in a fluid way and let your dog, with limits, take command. If you allow your dog to feel good during the walk, he will stop caring that you have him on a leash!

dog leash 3

Purchase criteria

Amazon dog leashes are distinguished by their variety. Therefore, not all of them will be valid for your “furry”. However, among so many possibilities, it is not surprising that smoke begins to come out of your head. Quiet! Here are the key criteria that you should take into account in order to buy the best dog leash.

  • Size
  • Behavior
  • Exercise
  • Design and length
  • Material


It will not be the same if you have an American Eskimo dog than a Dogue de Bordeaux. Not all dog leashes on the market support the same kilos. If you do not buy one adapted to the size of your dog, the problems will begin. Not only because it will be uncomfortable for both of you, but also because it can break. Analyze the model well and make sure it will adapt to your dog.


Along with size, the character of your “furry” is key. Your dog may be small, but if he’s very active, he won’t be comfortable with something that doesn’t give him freedom. However, this option can be a double-edged sword, since, with it, the dog walks almost loose, which can be harmful in case your dog becomes aggressive and decides to pull it.

Therefore, if your dog has a devilish character, only behaves when he is at home or tends to get too excited when he sees other dogs, in addition to consulting with an ethologist, it is recommended that you buy a dog leash that allows you to walk him with him by your side. In the case of puppies, on the other hand, the best options are usually metallic ones.


If your dog is calm, but likes to explore, there is no point in keeping him on a limiting leash. On the other hand, there are options specially designed for sports. Many of them can be adjusted to the waist. If you usually go out with your dog to ride a bike or run, buy one that suits it. The same if you are only going to walk around the neighborhood.

black dog running

Design and length

The design of the strap can be a secondary (aesthetic) or primary aspect (ergonomic handle or the way in which it attaches to the collar). On the other hand, the length will depend on how your dog is or where you plan to walk it. For city, for example, a strap of about 3 m will suffice. Whichever you choose, make sure you can wear it without tension.


This aspect has to do with the ease of cleaning the strap, as well as its resistance. If you want a cheap and comfortable dog leash, go for a nylon one. If, on the other hand, you prefer one in which elegance prevails, opt for a leather one (synthetic if possible). Metal ones are usually the best option, as we have already said, with puppies.


Walking your dog on a leash is not only an obligation when you do it in most cities, but also a commitment to safety. Even if you know your dog, you never know how he can react – and you can’t guess when it comes to others. Therefore, the safest thing is to take him for a walk with one of the best leashes for dogs.

In this article we have tried to cover everything related to dog leashes as precisely as possible. In addition, we have dedicated the final section to the purchase criteria, essential for a good purchase. Take into account the size of your “furry”, as well as its character or the design of the leash, and act accordingly. You will not regret!

Divyesh Patel