The best antiparasitic collars for dogs

The best antiparasitic collars for dogs

How effective are antiparasitic collars for dogs? What about sprays? We often have doubts before buying any of these products. The antiparasitic collar is effective and safe for your pet, it prevents it from being attacked by annoying parasites such as ticks that cause diseases . In Toppercan we tell you keys to choose an antiparasitic collar, best brands and necklaces and sprays that you can buy online.

Antiparasitic collars for dogs best sellers

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You do not have time to buy the antiparasitic collar in your usual store?

Antiparasitic collar for dogs BPS – protection for ticks and fleas and other parasites

This product is indicated for antiparasitic prevention in both cats and dogs up to 60 cm. It offers you the comfort of covering a wide spectrum of protection: lice, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes. Also, thanks to its composition, it helps prevent infestations. The product is distributed on the pet’s skin without evaporation.

In its composition, margosa extract stands out, a natural repellent that has no side effects.

Freetod antiparasitic collar for medium and large dogs

The Freetod collar gives you 8 months of tick and flea prevention. It is very easy to use, you just have to fix it around your pet’s neck. Its composition achieves a repellent effect for lice, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. It is designed to be waterproof, it does not lose effectiveness even if it gets wet.

WeiLi brand antiparasitic collar up to 8 months of protection

Against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Made with imidacloprid, flumethrin, and other natural ingredients. The active substance is progressively released in two ways. By abrasion or by evaporation caused by the body temperature of the dog.

Zotal Parasital Necklace

This product is suitable for small or medium sized dogs. Its composition is free of insecticides, it has been tested as a repellent against the mosquito that transmits Leishmaniasis. Its effectiveness is three months.

Guide to choosing a good antiparasitic collar

It is essential that we choose the right collar for our dog, since not all collars are equally valid or have the same properties.

What antiparasitic collar to choose?

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We must bear in mind that not any type of pet collar will work for us, but we must buy a specific one for dogs and that takes into account the size of our pet.

We should not put an antiparasitic collar for dogs to another type of pet, such as a cat, or vice versa, since the amounts of poison in each one are different (except in the case that the antiparasitic collar is expressly indicated for both pets).

If your dog is a small breed or puppy, ask your veterinarian about the most suitable collar, since many antiparasitic collars are designed for larger dogs.

An antiparasitic collar should protect our dog not only from fleas, but also from other annoying parasites such as ticks and sandfly-  type mosquitoes (the latter are more frequent in the Mediterranean area) and from Myiasis.

Ideally, our antiparasitic collar has deltamethrin as an active principle .

This substance is effective after a week. It is a very safe and effective compound against all types of parasites.

If we are looking for a more harmonious and beneficial option for the environment, we can opt for a necklace with natural insecticide.

Among these natural compounds we have the antiparasitic collars of citronella and rosemary or  tea tree oil .

What qualities should antiparasitic collars for dogs meet ?

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It is important that it is resistant to water so that it does not lose its properties in its contact, since it can get wet with elements such as rain and during outings and contact with nature.

It is also advisable that our antiparasitic collar does not produce evaporation, to avoid the bad odors derived from it.

How long does the protection of antiparasitic collars for dogs last ?

The repellent effect of an antiparasitic collar for dogs is usually about 6 months for ticks and 4 months for fleas .


If, due to the use of the antiparasitic collar, we observe an allergic reaction , itching, stinging or redness , the collar must be removed from the dog and the area washed well with water and neutral soap.

In such a case, we must consult with our veterinarian for advice on other options or another more suitable type of collar.


It is not advisable to use an antiparasitic collar on puppies under 2 months of age , since the insecticide can affect them, especially if they try to bite or tear it off.

When our dog is still a puppy, we must check that the adjustment is not excessive, since being in the growth phase it is necessary to ensure that the antiparasitic collar does not end up tightening excessively.


If we have a pregnant dog, we must be extremely careful, since not all antiparasitic collars are harmless in these circumstances. There are models suitable for this state and others that are not.


Depending on the size of our dog, we will use a small, medium or large collar .


Not all breeds respond equally to a possible allergic reaction caused by the use of an antiparasitic collar. For the issue of the breed we must consult with our veterinarian.


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We must place the antiparasitic collar in a comfortable way, trying to make good contact with the skin to prevent our dog from taking it off.


The use of the antiparasitic collar must be continued for its effect to be effective.

Models and brands of antiparasitic collars for dogs

There are various models and brands on the market. We show you some examples:


  • Effective for 6 months against mosquitoes and ticks and 4 months against fleas, sand flies and leishmaniasis .
  • It is suitable for pregnant and lactating females.
  • It is sold in two sizes: small and medium breed, and large breed.


  • It is effective against ticks, fleas and lice for 8 months. It has a continuous system for the diffusion of the active principle.
  • It is not suitable for lactating or pregnant females.
  • It is odorless and waterproof.
  • It is sold in two sizes: Small and large breed.


  • It is effective against fleas, ticks and mites.
  • It is a biological product, with natural components.
  • For dogs older than 3 months.
  • 8 months maximum protection.
  • Valid only for large dogs.

Virbac Preventef

  • Protection against fleas, ticks and lice (depends on the model).
  • Contains essential fatty acids and vitamin F.
  • It is valid for dogs and cats.
  • For small dogs, the existing model protects them from fleas and ticks. There is an exclusive version for fleas

Antiparasitic spray

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The antiparasitic sprays are designed for quick application, the product is applied with a diffuser. Its effectiveness is less than necklaces , but it can last up to 4 weeks if it contains substances such as dimethicone. They are a practical resource that you may find useful to have at home. It has a repellent effect, with substances such as citronella that we also find in commonly used repellants and insecticides.

Parasital external antiparasitic spray for dogs

This spray has mosquito repellent for the species that transmits leishmaniasis. It contains natural oils and its composition has been tested to offer maximum effectiveness against parasites and care for the dog’s skin. It can protect up to 15 days from all kinds of insects, the ingredients are fixed to the animal’s hair. It can be used in other animals such as horses or birds but never in cats.

Fipralone antiparasitic spray against fleas and ticks

This spray is highly effective and lasts up to 3 months, it should be dosed from 3 to 6 ml per kilogram of weight. Carefully read the instructions for its correct application. See on Amazon.


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We must bear in mind that, no matter how complete and good the antiparasitic collar is, its protection is not always absolute.

Although the parasite collar is the ideal method for long-term protection , there are cases where it can be effective to combine the use of the collar with the parasite pipette or the spraying of an antiparasitic spray.

We hope that these tips will help you when choosing your antiparasitic collar.

In any case, this article is merely informative and, therefore, we are not responsible for the use that the reader makes of the information presented here.

Our recommendation is always to consult with the veterinarian.

Divyesh Patel