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Cat Scratcher Wooden

Cat scratchers – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2020

If you like cats and enjoy their company, you should know that their claws fulfill an important function related to their natural hunting instinct, and through them they can defend themselves, they can climb, scratch, release stress, mark their territorial zone and even stretch their muscles, and for that reason they look for any object or surface to sharpen them. Cat scratchers are ideal for teaching cats where to scratch and sharpen their claws, as they are made of materials suitable for this purpose. Among the scratchers with the best positive feedback from web users, we recommend the RHRQuality Corner Coon model, with a size of 1.51 meters high and very thick sisal polo shirts, ideal for large breed cats. Another interesting model is the Songmics PCT86G, which has a spacious hiding place, various platforms and gaming accessories, so that your pet can spend hours having fun with its scraper.

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Opinions on the best cat scratchers

To help you find the best scratching post for your cat, we have made a selection of the products most recommended by users, given their many advantages, since in addition to giving you a place to sharpen your cat’s claws, they provide you with spaces to rest and to entertain yourself.

Scrapers for big cats

RHRQuality Corner Coon

If you are looking for the best cat scratcher we present you this model of RHRQuality, because it is big and with a height of 1,51 meters, robust, with sisal poles of 12 cm thick, made with resistant and durable materials, because the boards are made with MDF and upholstered with thick and soft plush, so your cats are comfortable and calm.

Its thick scrapers have been covered in natural sisal, as they are trunks filled with ABS plastic and M8 molded thread, ideal for your cats to sharpen their claws whenever they want, without hurting themselves.

In the case of these large cat scraper models, they include different accessories and comforts for your cat, such as a cozy cave for the kitty to rest and relax, two luxurious padded hammocks of 45 cm in diameter and an executive seat on the upper floor that comes with a removable and washable cushion.

This model of RHRQuality has been rated by most of its buyers as the best cat scratcher of the moment, given its ample dimensions and luxury accessories. Here are the pros and cons.


Design: It is designed in the form of a tower with several platforms, being ideal for large cats, has two spacious and rotating hammocks, a cave, stairs and a pillow to rest.

Sisal: The poles of the platforms have a diameter of 12 cm and are lined with natural sisal, so as not to hurt the cat while scratching.

Height: Cats love to be in high places, so this scratching post is 1.51 metres high so they can watch or play from that distance.


Space: Due to its large dimensions, this model needs a good size space in the house for its location.

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RHRQuality Chartreux

For cats the act of scratching all surfaces with their claws is a great necessity, so we recommend the Chartreux scratcher from RHRQuality, designed for large and heavy cats, which ranks among the best cat scratchers of 2020.

This large cat scratching post also has an extra sturdy sisal polo shirt with a diameter of 20 cm, a large resting area of 64 cm and a raised rim of 16 cm high, which includes a comfortable pillow for your cat to rest on, as well as a long play rope.

The bottom plate is 60 cm wide by 60 cm long, and 4 cm thick, and can support up to 40 kg, making it very stable.

RHRQuality has been rated by many as the best brand of cat scratchers, because it provides quality, robust and durable products, so we will leave you the pros and cons of one of its models.


Design: It has a nice tree design in cream white, which makes it look nice and elegant.

Height: Once assembled, this scraper reaches a total height of 101 cm and its base plate is 60 x 60 cm with a thickness of 4 cm.

Materials: It is made with highly resistant and durable materials, and the areas used for scratching have been covered with natural sisal to make it more pleasant for the small cats.


Big cats: This model is designed for big and heavy cats, like Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest or Maine Coon, not being suitable for smaller breeds.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($99)

Cat scratching tree

Songmics PCT86G

If you want to know which is the best cat scratcher, the Songmics model PCT86G could be the answer, as it is a tree design scratcher with capacity for three cats, thanks to its robust and stable structure, with a height of about 154 cm and its different game platforms.

It is made of MDF board and upholstered in anthracite flannel, although you can choose between light beige and grey, but in all cases the fabric is very soft to the touch, which is ideal for cats to feel that it is a quiet, warm and friendly place for them.

The scrapers are made of natural sisal to protect the cat’s claws at all times, and the columns are made of compressed cardboard tubes that serve as a robust support for the platforms.

If you’re not sure which cat scratcher to buy, this Songmics cat scratcher tree provides a good platform for multiple cats, with accessories and games to keep them entertained. Check out their pros and cons:


Accessories: This model offers a wide range of accessories, such as scrapers, a hammock to rest, a little house to hide and a rope to play with 3 hair balls.

Platforms: It has four platforms of different sizes so your cats can sit, scratch or lie down, without having to fight each other for space.

Materials: The main structure of this scraper is made of MDF wood, to provide robustness and stability to the furniture.


Kennel: Some users commented that the kennel is somewhat narrow for adult cats, but this does not affect the functionality of the scratching post.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($73.99)

All Grey

Among all the cat scraper models we have analyzed so far, this Todeco cat scraper tree can be considered the best value for money cat scraper, because it has five stations and accessories to make your pet feel comfortable and have fun.

It has a wide base that gives great stability to the whole structure, and as play elements, this model incorporates two hangers in the upper part to distract the cat, and one of them has a mouse figure to keep its hunting instincts active.

As for its materials, we can mention that the entire structure is made of MDF wood, being covered with velvet fabric to provide greater comfort to the cat, while the scrapers are covered with natural sisal so that the cat can scratch its claws properly.

Todeco has been rated by many users as the best brand of cat scratchers, thanks to the quality of its products and the variety it offers. Therefore, we present you the advantages and disadvantages of one of its scrapers:


Design: It is a tree design scraper, elegant and modern that easily adapts to the decoration of your home.

Structure: This model has a structure of four cat perches and a wide hammock for your pet’s rest.

Cladding: Although the entire structure is made of MDF wood, its cladding is completely velvet, soft and safe for the cat.


Assembly: Most users have agreed that the assembly instructions are not very clear, making it difficult to anchor the parts.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($41.49)

Cardboard cat scrapers

Heritage Pet Products Leopard

If you’d like to save your furniture from the scratches your cat makes to satisfy her natural instincts, with this Heritage brand cardboard cat scratcher you can help your pet control that need to scratch all surfaces of objects in the house, as it’s among the best cat scratchers of 2020, according to many of its users.

This scraper is made of corrugated cardboard, so it is quite light, being ideal for the cat to play and have fun. It has a honeycomb bed design that makes it very aesthetic and its leopard print, allows the scraper can be included in the decoration of your home without problems.

In addition, it includes a bag of catnip to sprinkle on the scraper and facilitate the process of adaptation of the animal to this furniture.

If you haven’t decided which cat scratcher to buy yet, this handy Heritage model may be the solution to your cat’s nail problems at home, so we’ve summarised its advantages and disadvantages:


Design: The comfortable leopard print bed design is very attractive to the cat and fits perfectly into any decor.

Material: The whole structure of this scraper is made of corrugated cardboard, very light and compact.

Safe: The material this scraper is made of is quite safe, as it will not damage the cat’s paws and there is no danger of swallowing a piece.


Moisture: Because it is made of corrugated cardboard, you cannot wash this scraper with water and must keep it away from moisture, as the material softens and the bed structure is damaged.

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Catit Armchair 52419

Another cardboard cat scratcher you can buy for your pussy is this Catit Armchair style model, because it is one of the cheapest options you can find in the market. Thanks to its compact size of 40.6 cm long and its exclusive design, it is ideal to place it in any space in your house to give a place to your pet.

Like the previous product, this model is made of corrugated cardboard, but it is a quality material, able to withstand the sharp claws of cats without problems and can last you for a long time.

Moreover, thanks to its structure, this chair is the ideal surface for the cat to play, stretch, scratch and sharpen its claws. It also includes catnip, so you can impregnate the chair and make it easier for the cat to get used to it.

Among the cheapest scrapers on the market, this model is presented as a good alternative, because in addition to its low cost, it is a quality product with an attractive design. So check out their pros and cons to make your choice more accurate.


Presentation: This brand offers this scraper in four different design presentations, among which the bench, lounge style, armchair and sofa style stand out.

Size: Its comfortable size of 40.6 cm allows you to place this chair in any room of your house, without taking up much space, giving your cat a safe place.

Material: This is a scraper made of highly resistant corrugated cardboard, which offers your cat a unique surface to sharpen its claws.


Cardboard: As it is a cardboard product, it is normal that small pieces fall all over the place around the armchair, so you have to have the broom at hand to clean it.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($13.51)

Other products

Trixie Parla

When we have cats at home, we know that our armchairs, curtains, carpets and sofas are in danger of being scratched. That is why Trixie presents its Parla-type scraper model, as an effective alternative for cats to have a safe surface for their claws. In addition, it is considered to be the best quality/price scraper, according to many customers’ opinions.

It is a product with a pole design, which has a square surface with a base that reaches 39.5 centimeters on its sides and on that base there is a scratching tube with 60 centimeters long, covered with sisal cord, strong enough and resistant enough for the cat to scratch and sharpen its claws.

For its part, the base is completely upholstered with a velvet-like fabric, which is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

If you want to know which cat scratcher to buy, you can take a look at the pros and cons of this model, which is also one of the cheapest in this selection.


Height: This is a pole-style scraper that has a height of up to 62 centimetres in total, a perfect size to help your cat scratch and stretch without any problems.

Base: This scraper has a base of 40 x 40 cm, with a square format, which provides stability to the structure.

Post: The post is about 9 cm thick and is lined with natural sisal so as not to damage your cat’s claws.


Simple: This model has a very simple design, missing a rope or a ball for the cats to interact a little more with the post.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($12.79)

Navaris Sisal

For those looking for the best cat scratcher, you might consider this model with a protective mat design for the armrests of sofas and armchairs, because it has a practical sisal fibre board so that the cat can easily sharpen its claws without breaking the furniture in the house.

The function of this scratching pad is to distract the cat and draw its attention away from the furniture and delicate objects in your home, so that it sharpens its claws without damaging any valuable household accessories.

The structure of the mat is quite strong, as the sisal cloth can withstand all the cat’s use of scratching and clawing on that surface. While the dark grey fabric part is perfect for camouflaging your furniture, because it is very discreet and fits the armrests.

This Navaris model has been rated by many users as the best cat scratcher of the moment, thanks to its versatility and the quality of its materials. Here are the pros and cons.


Design: Its design in the form of a protective mat for the armrests of the armchairs and furniture, gives it a discreet style that matches the furniture in your room.

Versatility: This model is very versatile, as it can be used as an armrest protector, on the floor, glued to the wall or on any piece of furniture.

Size: It has a total size of 130 x 45 cm, while the sisal area has an extension of 60 x 45 cm, so the cat will have enough space to sharpen its claws without reaching the furniture.


Wrinkles: Some users have commented that the product has some wrinkles from the folds of the transfer, which prevents it from looking smooth over the entire surface of the sofa.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($19.99)

Guide to Buying a Cat Scraper

If you are interested in buying some of the cat scratchers we have reviewed, it is important to consider certain aspects and features that these accessories should have. So take a look at our guide to buying the best cat scratcher, so you’re clear about the elements of making a smart investment.

Buying Guide

Manufacturing materials

In order to choose a quality scraper, it is a priority to review the type of material used in its manufacture, as it must be good quality materials that offer a high percentage of resistance to wear and tear and the sharp claws of our feline friends. In addition, they must be safe for your paws and not cause you any injury.

It is preferable those scrapers made of MDF wood, which offer a solid, stable and resistant structure capable of supporting the weight of one or several jacks at a time, as they will constantly go up and down the scraper.

There are other models made of corrugated cardboard, ecological, which have good finishes and keep their structure in place, although they are more docile to the claws of cats, and it is likely that the cardboard will end up scattered throughout the room by the continuous use of animals, but it is also economical, adjusting to people with a small budget.

The scraper area should be made of natural sisal, because this material gives the cats more security, as the ropes of alternative materials can damage their claws. In addition, the strands of these ropes often come off and can be dangerous for the cats, in case they swallow those threads.

Another aspect to consider is that the rest areas that have the scraper or in some cases the hammocks incorporated, should be upholstered with soft fabrics, which are resistant to the daily activity of the cat and that the threads do not come off easily.

Scraper type

It is also important to consider the type of cat scratcher you are planning to buy, taking into account the number of animals you have in your home, their breed, the space available for this device and the model you want for your pet.

There are a large number of offers on the market with varied designs and multiple styles. You can find everything from a simple post type scraper without any accessories or platforms, to tree type models with many platforms for the cat to climb, exercise and play on, as well as large resting areas and different heights from which the cat can observe everything around it.

There are models that measure about half a meter in height, even those scrapers that are more than 2 meters high. Although there are other smaller and more compact models, which have the appearance of an armchair or cat litter with a special surface for cat claws.

You can also find models that fit furniture armrests, with one part made of sisal and the other of fabric to camouflage the area that attracts the most attention from cats when they want to scratch their claws on the furniture in the house.

Accessories and games

When you make your cat scratchers comparison you will notice that there are models that, in addition to the areas arranged for resting and the scratchers, have toys that serve to activate the play instinct in feline pets. So, when you go to choose, look for those that come with ropes, balls, mice or other figures that help the feline fun.

In the case of the scrapers for large cats, it is usual to see that they include all these accessories, although this may influence how much the product costs and the price is higher, but the simpler models do not have these devices.

Instructions and assembly

Generally, the scrapers require the assembly of all parts to be used by the cats, as it is sent home in its container completely disassembled, but almost always includes in the box the tools needed for installation and an instruction manual explaining the assembly of it.

It is important that the assembly of the scraper parts is simple, but in case the installation is complicated, on the web you can find numerous videos where they explain step by step the assembly process, so that the scraper is ready and well armed, so that it can withstand all the jumps and scratches of the animal without losing stability.

CatScratcherFrequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to keep the cat scratcher stable?

It is best to anchor the wiper to the wall through a metal bracket, between two parts or columns, fixing with connecting screws to prevent it from moving. Take into account the weight of the cat and that the scraper is able to withstand its movements, because if the cat notices that the scraper moves it will not use it because of the fear of falling.

Q2: How to make a cat scratcher?

Making a cat scraper is very easy, once you choose the model, you must gather the materials, such as PVC or hard cardboard tubes, wooden plates, rope, fabric, screws and brackets, filler, glue, upholstery stapler. The brackets must be placed on the tubes, fixing them with screws so that they are secured, then the tubes are lined with the rope using the glue for this purpose and tightened with each turn. Then, you have to assemble the structure by fixing the tubes to the wooden plates, you only have to line the base, as well as the upper platforms in the case of the more complex scrapers.

Q3: How do you attach a cat scraper to the ceiling?

For these cases, there are models that have a tensor that is placed on the ceiling and allows the height of the scraper to be adjusted. This tensor can also be installed from above to give it greater stability. Other models include a fitting with screws and brackets to keep it fixed. On pole-type models, the base should ideally be wide enough and strong enough to keep it from moving, but it can be fixed to the ground for more balance.

Q4: How do you clean a cat scratcher?

In the case of the mats that cover the platform floors in the scrapers, we can vacuum them to remove cat hairs adhering to the surface, dust or loose sisal fibres. In the case of the cushions and hammocks, it is advisable to wash them with soap and water to eliminate bad odors. You can also use a solution of water and vinegar in a spray bottle, spread the scratching post with that solution to refresh the fabric and eliminate any unpleasant odors.

Q5: Where should I put a cat scratcher?

Where you put the scraper is crucial to induce the cat to use this accessory, so it is best to put the scraper in a space where the cat usually plays, either in the dining room or near its resting area. If the cat has a preference for a particular piece of furniture or curtain, you could place the scratcher in that spot so that the animal understands that that is where it should scratch.

Q6: Is it worth buying a second-hand cat scratcher?

Ideally you should buy a new cat scratcher, but if you have no other choice you can buy a second hand scratcher. What you must take into account is that the accessory is in good condition, that the scraper areas maintain their original state and that it is clean. In the case of a scraper shaft to be assembled, check that all parts are complete and that it has the necessary screws to make it stable.

Q7: How do I fix a cat scratcher?

Scraper sisal is what usually gets damaged and to fix it you need to buy a good quality sisal, wood glue and scissors. Next, we must cut the old scraper rope and remove it completely, or only the area that is damaged. Now, you have to glue the whole post to fix the rope, then you have to wrap the rope around the post, squeezing it constantly so that it is fixed and once you have finished, you have to let it dry for 24 hours before giving it to the cat again.

Q8: What is the purpose of a couch cat scratcher?

The sofa cat scratcher is a lining designed to be placed on the armrests of armchairs and sofas, with one side made of sisal fabric serving as a scratching surface and the other side having a fabric in neutral colours to camouflage the furniture area. The main function of this lining is to divert the cat’s attention from the furniture and armchairs in the house, becoming an integral accessory to the sofa, where the cat can pass its claws without the danger of damaging the furniture in your home.

How to use a cat scratcher

The cat scratcher is an important tool that we must have for our domestic feline, because it is an accessory that will serve to exercise, scratch surfaces, mark their territory, sharpen their nails, among others. But it can be difficult for a cat to become familiar with using it, so we’ve made this article with some simple tips on how you can get your cat used to using cat scratchers.

Use candy

If it’s the first scratching post you buy for your cat, you need to show her that this is where she should sharpen her claws. A good idea is to place treats around the scraper to get his attention, inviting him up. You can also take it gently from its paws and pass it gently over the pole, so that the cat can feel the surface and smell it all over the mast.

Another option you can use is catnip and spray it through the scraper, because cats are attracted by that smell and their interest in the toy will be triggered.

Run your nails through the post

The cat can also learn by imitation to use the scratching post, so you could pass your claws over the post several times during the day, so that the cat hears when you do this, and sees that the device is totally harmless to her, you can also play with the cat until she gets used to it.

The scraper site

It’s important that the scraper is well placed to get your cat’s attention. It is advisable to place it in its favorite place, where it is socially developed, or it can also be in the place where the cat is used to scratching the furniture or the curtains, placing in that place the scraper, so when it scratches again in that place, its smell will remain in the scraper and when it recognizes it will begin to use it.

You should also check that the place where you are putting the scraper is quiet and pleasant, so that the cat can play in peace and feel good while using its toy, so it is not advisable to place the scraper near its sandbox or the place where it eats.

Give him a prize.

Cats learn with positive reinforcement, as they don’t understand when you’re drawing attention to them, so it’s very helpful if you reward your cat every time she scratches the scratcher, because that way she’ll associate positive reinforcement with the use of the scratcher. The prize can be a love, a mime, a treat or anything else you like.

The scraper must be stable

It is important that the cat feels safe when using the scraper, because if the scraper wobbles or moves, the cat will not use it. Therefore, we must ensure that the device is stable, checking that the base is firm and resistant so that it does not move, or we can also fix the post to a wall.

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