The best Christmas costumes for dogs

The best Christmas costumes for dogs

Christmas costumes for dogs are increasingly present in family celebrations.

Do you like Christmas costumes for dogs? Christmas is a time of meals, encounters and surprises. Dressing your pet as Santa Claus or with any other Christmas costume will be a fond memory for the whole family.

There are Christmas traditions that remain and others that come to us and we incorporate. Among the lifelong traditions: buying tenths of the Christmas Lottery, putting the tree and nativity scene, the gifts of the Magi and celebrating Christmas Eve with the family. Those that we have been introducing such as: ‘ Santa Claus’, the advent calendar, and wearing something red on New Year’s Eve.

Dressing up at Christmas years ago seemed shocking to us, today we see hats and headbands with Christmas motifs frequently even on the street. There are families that dress up the little ones to take photos or videos that they later share with their family and friends. Pets are part of the family and are also endearing protagonists at Christmas. If you want to have a fun memory this Christmas with your dog in costume, we present several options of costumes for dogs.

Christmas costumes for dogs: The most original of all!

At Toppercan we love to show everything that we are finding and this is the best costume for dogs that I have found! Original, fun and comfortable for our dog.You are going to stay with everyone!

It is a costume in which, it seems that Santa Claus and the dog are carrying a gift. Santa Claus sits in the back of your dog and the dog’s head has arms that seem to hold the package.

It is made of velvet and polyester, so it is quite easy to wash and it is soft to the touch, thus avoiding chafing on the skin.

You will stay with everyone when they see your dog with this very special outfit.

dog wearing santa hat

Adult Dog Costume

It may be the case that your dog does not accept any type of costume because he does not like to have anything on his back. I bring you the best solution in dog costumes! A headband with horns and reindeer ears. In this way, your dog will only have to hold on for a few seconds with something on his head and it is not as annoying as covering it completely.

dog wearing santa costume

Christmas costume for dogs – warm Santa Claus ideal for small dogs

One of the most successful Christmas costumes for dogs is that of Santa Claus ‘dog’. Made of flannel and cotton, comfortable to put on and wear, warm, it allows the dog to move easily. It is designed for small or medium-sized dogs, breeds such as Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frize or Chihuahua.

You have all the sizes from extra-small (the smallest), to ‘Xlarge’ (the largest). In order to get the size right, we leave you a table with the measurements according to size. It is important to measure your dog before choosing one size or another. When in doubt, opt for a larger size, avoid being oppressed by the costume.

  • For size: XS / 8 —– Bust: 28 cm —- Length: 20 cm
  • Size: S / 10 —– Bust: 34 cm —- Length: 24 cm
  • If it’s size: M / 12 —– Bust: 38 cm —- Length: 29 cm
  • Size: L / 14 —– Bust: 42 cm —- Length: 33 cm
  • Size: XL / 16 —– Bust: 46 cm —- Length: 38 cm

dog wearing headdress

Reindeer costume “in training” for medium or small dogs

This dog costume is very easy to use. Your pet transforms into a reindeer! A simple costume as it consists of a headband and a small body that adjusts in brown. The material is 100% polyester and can be washed at less than 30º.

dog yawning wearing Christmas hat

Santa Claus dog costume with hat

Of the Christmas costumes for dogs that we are going to find, this one is also very funny. It is a costume with the shape of Santa Nöel on the front, so if you look at your dog from the front once he is wearing it, he looks like Santa himself!

dog elf costume

Christmas elf costume for dogs

If you want your dog to be the protagonist wherever he goes, you cannot miss this costume for dogs. It is very original, it is out of the typical Santa Claus design, and very cute with his hat topped with small red pompoms. It looks like it came from ‘Santa’s’ house in Rovaniemi, Lapland. The costume consists of a body, the hat and four round adjustable pieces for the legs.

dog santa hat

Santa Claus Christmas costume with cape, scarf or bow tie

Among the Christmas costumes for dogs, we find this one. A versatile Christmas costume, being four pieces that you can combine with each other. For example capita and hat, bow tie and the hat or the cape alone. It is made of soft and comfortable fabric. This dog costume is for small or mini size, it is important that you measure your dog before buying. The neck size is about 27cm and the back of the cape is 16cm. The diameter of the hat is 10 cm, and the bow tie is 5 × 7 cm.

dog wearing red santa costume

Tuxedo for dogs, New Years Eve

If you are one of those people who likes to go to play with their dog or you just want your dog to be fun and handsome at the same time, this tuxedo is the most indicated. A dress dog, with this tuxedo for Christmas, New Years or for the month of February when the carnivals arrive. You have from the small size to the XX Large.

Divyesh Patel