The best dog toys on the market

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One of the activities that makes your dog the happiest is playing. Many times we have time to play with them. At other times, our pets have the opportunity to have fun with other dogs and there are times when they must do it alone. Be that as it may, a toy is a complement that will make him very happy and keep him active.

This guide aims to show you the variety that the market presents when you go to choose toys for your dog. It will also help you understand many of your four-legged friend’s behaviors. And all those doubts you have about how to act before the energy of your pet will probably find an answer in these lines.

The most important

  • Gambling is an essential behavior for animal welfare. And, as humans do not always have that energy or that much time to play, we need to offer some help to our pets, such as toys.
  • Veterinarians recommend that dogs spend a few hours playing. Those hours can be inside the home, in the garden, or in an open space like the field, a park, or a beach. There are toys for all those spaces and they are of enormous help.
  • The way your pet plays can indicate many characteristics of his behavior. And the game can serve as a method to educate her in her way of reacting to various day-to-day routines.

The best dog toys on the market: our favorites

In this section you will see a compilation of the five most popular dog toys on the market. In addition, we will give you a summary with the main characteristics of each product so that when you make a purchase, you make it very informed. In this way, we want to help you make your pet happy.

  • The best interactive game for dogs
  • The dog toy that cleans their teeth
  • The dog toy that feeds him
  • The most endearing toy for dogs
  • The most complete package of dog toys

The best interactive game for dogs

This is a strategy game that is available in various levels. He seeks to train the mind and smell of the animal, hiding food in different corners of a board that he alone must find. Its sellers say that this product was created to satisfy the curious instinct of dogs and develop their intelligence.

When the dog beats a level board, you can buy the next one. Users with very active dogs say that a short session with Trixie equates to a lot of physical exercise to satisfy their pets’ desire to play. It is a good training for other education techniques out there.

The dog toy that cleans their teeth

This product consists of two small rubber balls, each about three inches in diameter. They have been made of rubber so that your dog can chew on them without being toxic. They are made of material resistant to strong bites, although some customers complain that they have a minty smell that can be annoying.

They are very useful for cleaning teeth. If your pet is changing her teeth, she will love chewing on these balls. They do not float, so they are not good for playing on the beach, but they are long lasting. In addition, this toy has holes where you can place your pet’s food, something that you will love if it does not normally want its food.

The dog toy that feeds him

This ball has been created with the aim of keeping a dog entertained for hours. Ideal for those pets that spend time alone. By kicking the object, it moves aimlessly, so the animal can play without human intervention. It is shaped like an egg, which makes its movements unpredictable.

If your dog is very anxious when it comes to eating, this ball works as a great ally. And it is that, while the dog is playing, the ball is offering the food in small doses. It even works for those animals that do not like their feed because, as they are entertained, they eat the food as part of the fun.

The most endearing toy for dogs

This soft teddy bear is very popular with dogs. It emits a sound when pressed and you can choose the size, depending on the breed of your dog. Its skeleton is made of rope to make the plush stronger. If your dog is very rough playing, it may not be the best option because it can tear off parts, such as his ears.

Many buyers note that this toy even serves as a companion friend for their pets. And, in general, it entertains the dogs a lot. It is seen as very positive that, instead of being filled with foam, the toy has a thick string, which also serves to play in case the outside of the plush toy breaks.

The most complete package of dog toys

This pack includes a selection of products common to dogs. There are three toys made for those who love to bite, three specifically for cleaning teeth, four strings with different designs and two little string animals. All are made with natural materials so that they are not toxic for your pet.

The goal is, with a single purchase, to have a variety of toys for different times of the day. The two yarn dolls do not take bites well, but buyers highlight the good relationship between quality and price. In addition, home furnishings suffer less because pets entertain themselves by chewing on their toys.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Dog Toys

It is important that before buying toys for your pet you know the functionalities of these products that can be very beneficial. There are toys that train the mind and serve as a support to the education you give and others are to exercise your body. Don’t miss this guide. It will surely be very interesting for you.

Why are dog toys important?

One of the essential activities to have a healthy dog ​​is play. Thanks to these moments of leisure, your canine pet can develop her intelligence and also stay in shape so as not to become overweight.

Experts warn that animals that do not exercise enough or do not stimulate their minds are at risk of developing uncomfortable behavioral attitudes. A bored dog can develop hyperactivity problems and destroy household items. Toys help prevent this from being a problem for your pet.

Can dog toys help me educate my pet?

Dog toys can be a great ally when you want to educate your pet to be more obedient. Since, through play and these objects, dogs get used to following rules that must be respected. The most common commands dogs should know are to come to your call, sit, lie down, and paw.

It is important that pets follow some basic lessons while playing so that in other aspects of life they obey the rules you give them. When it comes to playing, be strict with your dog as well. Let him enjoy himself, but not let him take advantage of you. Even if it is a leisure time, you must maintain your good behavior.

What are the benefits of dog toys?

Play is one of the fundamental activities that your pet needs on a daily basis. It has benefits for your physical and emotional well-being. And it also has advantages for you: it consolidates your relationship and allows you to spend a few hours of dispersion a day. Something that humans sometimes forget to do. Here is a list of benefits and the reasons:

  • Physical health of your pet: A dog must be active. Playing allows you to improve cardiovascular health, helps you not gain weight and increases your flexibility, among others.
  • Dog Mental Health: Experts warn that a bored dog can destroy items in your home. And toys are the best way to keep him active. They are tools that also develop the brain.
  • Makes your dog more social: It is very important that pets know how to respect other animals and people other than the humans with whom they live. The game, as it is something that amuses you and facilitates interaction, will associate it with something positive.
  • Physical health for you: Sometimes, in the whirlpool of day-to-day responsibilities, we forget about leisure or sports. Playing with your dog will force you to stay active and entertained for those minutes that you dedicate to him.
  • You can get to know your dog better: Their behavior during playtime can give you an idea of ​​your pet’s character. You can know what he likes and what not, what makes him angry or if he is a patient animal or not.
  • Improve the bond with your pet: It is likely that your dog loves you very much. But if he sees that you dedicate some time to enjoy together, the bonds will become even closer.

What function do dog toys have according to their style?

The shapes and functions of the toys you have for your dog will serve to give it different uses in the hours of entertainment for your pet. Do not forget that the game is a great method to educate him in other matters of everyday life. With the following comparison chart, you will better understand the functions of toys:

If your dog has this behavior Buy him a toy that is like this
Chew your furniture, your bed or stuffed animals There are balls, ropes or bones made of materials that are very resistant to bites and that will make dogs who need to bite constantly very happy. They are created especially for this function.
He does not want his feed The balls that dose the food are a good ally for the food problems that your dog has. Animals that avoid their food will see this process as part of the game and will take their feed.
He is very affectionate and seeks a lot to be close to you There are soft and adorable stuffed animals that can keep your pet company when you have to leave the house.
He is very intelligent Toys are not made just for running, they also serve to satisfy your pet’s desire to learn. There are interactive games of different levels, ideal for your dog to play to discover where her food is hidden. Thus, it develops its brain and its smell.
Is eager to eat There are two very common types of toys for these cases. On the one hand, there are the chewy flavored bones to use between meals. And, on the other, the aforementioned balls that are dosing the feed.

Why does my dog ​​chase balls and other similar toys?

It is practically instinctive. A moving object is likely to make your dog want to run after it in order to catch it. It should be made clear here that they distinguish well a toy from a living being and that they will not chase a toy in the same way as a small animal that is running.

The fact that, after catching the ball, he brings it back to you or not, is not something common in all. It will depend on the personality of your dog or if she has been trained for it or not. And it is that very few understand at first that if they return it, the fun continues. So if it doesn’t, don’t be surprised.

Can I motivate my dog ​​to use his toys if he doesn’t like to play?

There are many different reasons why your dog may be listless and may not want to play. You must look for the root of the problem and help accordingly. First, understand that not all dogs should play the same. After this, think about the age of your pet: the puppies do not stop and when they grow up they calm down.

To motivate the animal to play it is good that you spend a lot of time with your dog. And also that you take it out often and take it to places where the dogs can interact. You should also try various toys, as not all pets like the same thing. Anyway, give him his space and don’t burden him with it.

Are there also toys for elderly dogs?

Dogs reach an age when they have a harder time playing. Like humans, over the years they have less energy. But that does not mean that an elderly dog ​​should not play. And there are specific toys for the development of their cognitive functions that must always continue to be used because they are very necessary, especially in the elderly.

It is also very important that your pet stay in shape while he is birthday, for his physical health. So even though he plays more calmly when he is older than when he was a baby, he finds toys that will motivate him and keep him active for even a short period of time every day.

What is a Kong when we talk about dog toys and what is it used for?

The Kong is a toy made of very resistant natural resin rubber, it is non-toxic and its interior is hollow. It is a food vendor that serves to educate your pet and develop its intelligence. It has a hole that can be filled with its feed and the animal will have to be bold to access it.

There are different Kong models, offering different levels of difficulty. If you see that it does not entertain your pet, it is likely that you have bought a very difficult object. The first pieces of food will come out easily, but in order for the ones that are further down to come out, your pet will have to move her toy. So you will be entertained.

Are there puzzles in the dog toy market?

The market for dog toys is very rich and varied. And it also offers puzzles and puzzles. These allow the dog to play alone and think, thus stimulating its mind and developing its intelligence. You can also learn to be more patient, thanks to these types of activities, experts say.

Cognitive stimulation consists of presenting our dog with problems that he must solve and his effort will lead him to get a reward. Experts say that many of the behavioral problems that these animals sometimes present are caused by emotional problems and these moments together will be very useful.

What dog toys are good for those who like to chew?

Sometimes dogs are happy to bite, or they do it out of anxiety, and they can destroy furniture or decorations in the house. To save the decoration of your home, you can offer your pet an alternative. There are many toys created specifically to resist your pet’s teeth for a long time.
Thanks to these, the dog will be able to carry out one of his favorite activities, without his toy being easily destroyed. If your pet loves to eat, there are flavored and bone-shaped toys that are very popular and entertaining. There are balls, stuffed animals, rubber bones, or even flying saucers created for the big chewers.

Purchase criteria

Not only are dog toys necessary for your pet, but it will also be the best gift you can give him if you want a happy animal. When choosing a product from this market, you must analyze the character and habits of your canine friend. To help you make a good decision, here we will analyze different aspects:

  • Shapes
  • Types according to their use
  • materials
  • Size
  • Color
  • Customer Reviews
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There are many styles of dog toys, which have various shapes and, accordingly, various functions, useful for different times and made of one or another material. In the following lines we will see what are the most common forms of products available in this market for your pet’s leisure.

  • Strings With these toys, normally, the dog pulls on one end and you on the other, so they are ideal to strengthen the bond between the two.
  • Bones. They are usually to remove the urge to bite and, if they have flavors, they will satiate those pets that love to eat at all hours.
  • Ball. They are also good for biting and are very useful for your dog to run outdoors, chasing his ball.
  • Teddy. There are also some made to resist bites and stand out for giving company to the most affectionate dogs.
  • Kong. They look like a snowman and serve as food dispensers or bouncing balls.
  • UFOs. Ideal for playing in large spaces. Very comfortable so that the dog can run carrying them in his mouth.
  • Puzzles They serve for the development of your pet’s cognitive abilities.
  • Portagolosin. The dog has to find, thanks to his nose and his audacity, hidden dog treats. They also develop their cognitive ability.

Types according to their use

There is a huge variety of toys that vary depending on how your pet plays. It depends on where they are going to be used or if it is for the dog to be alone or for you to have a good time with her. It is very important that your dog like his toy so that it is a useful purchase. Thus, according to its use, we have:

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If you want the toy to Buy your dog
Play at home A stuffed animal or a rubber bone to chew on.
Play outside A ball or a flying saucer.
Let your pet play alone The stuffed animal gives company and a Kong bounces, thanks to its shape, and allows the animal to entertain itself when you are not there. Interactive toys to develop intelligence and smell will keep your pet entertained when you are away.
That you play together Balls or ropes to throw.
That discharge energy inside the house Rubber chew toys will go a long way to tire your pet in what little space a house usually offers.


It is very important that a dog toy is created not to break easily. If the utensil breaks into small pieces, your pet could swallow it. In addition, many toys pursue precisely the purpose that your pet gives up her energy when biting, so they must be resistant. The most common materials are:

  • Soft plastic. They can break more easily if they fall into the mouth of a large dog. The positive is that if you throw an element of this material and hit the dog it will not hurt. If it breaks, we must throw the toy away so that the dog does not eat the pieces.
  • Hard plastic. More resistant to your dog’s bites. But if it is struck by mistake with a toy made of this material, it can be damaged.
  • Rubber.  It is a flexible material that will resist bites and, in addition, when thrown against one surface it can bounce, collide with another and bounce again, which will be great fun for your pet. If it is 100% rubber then it will not be toxic.
  • Cloth and rope.  Cloth stuffed animals can break more easily. To avoid putting stuffing that could harm your pet, many manufacturers fill them with a strong string.
  • Vinyl. It is very difficult for a well-made vinyl toy to tear or fall apart.
  • Latex. Also soft like plastic, but more resistant.
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A toy for dogs must also be suitable for the age, strength and size of the animal. If it is too small, the pet could swallow it and choke in the middle of the games. At the same time, if your toy is much larger than he is, you will not be able to use it comfortably during your leisure time.


It is important to take into account which are the most striking colors for dogs and thus, when buying a toy, we will find one that our pets can distinguish when they are using them. Blue and yellow are the easiest colors for a dog to distinguish, contrary to what happens with green, red or pink.

Customer Reviews

Before deciding on a toy for dogs, look at the ratings that users make on social networks. Don’t just look at the numbers, try to read the opinions left by those buyers who have a similar can to yours in characteristics. There are technical aspects of interest that can be very useful to you.


Play for your dog is essential in his daily routine if you want your pet to have a good quality of life and not develop bad habits. For the game to fulfill its function and the animal to be entertained, your dog needs suitable products, adapted to her needs and made with safe materials.

There are toys to develop your dog’s cognitive abilities and others to keep him active and thus prevent him from becoming obese. A dog that spends several hours a day playing is likely to have healthy behaviors and will not jump into the ornaments and furniture in your home.



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