The best gifts for dogs

The best gifts for dogs

Cameras that release treats, automatic feeders with voice and video function or anti-bark collars . Do not miss the best gifts for dogs, designed to make your life and your pet easier. Ingenious and practical gadgets. Not sure what to give to someone who has a dog or is thinking of adopting a dog ?

Your dog is one of the family and also receives gifts at Christmas , in Kings or throughout the year. A large part of Christmas gifts for humans are related to technology, with smartphones, tablets or wearables. Technology is also present in many of the pets’ utensils, being true gadgets with features that decades ago would have left us astonished. We search the net for the best gifts for dogs, if you need ideas here you will find many.

dog camera

The 5 best gifts for dogs

Furbo Dog and Pet Camera – Treat Launch, HD WIFI and Two-Way Audio

A gadget that will surprise you with its multiple applications. It will not only amuse your dog, it will become a tool for you. Among its characteristics.

  • Throwing sweets – The chamber has space to fill it with balls or pet treats, up to 100 units. You download a free Furbo iOS / Android application, and thanks to it you can throw treats to your dog even if he is far from home. You need a WIFI connection, and depending on the size of the treats you can launch one or more.
  • Full HD camera and night vision – You will be able to monitor what your pet does when you are away and with the best image quality. Thanks to the night vision also at night you can check the well-being of your dog.
  • Two-way chat – a utility that allows you to talk to your dog from a distance in order to calm him down as if you were by his side. The camera has a microphone and a speaker so that the dog hears you with total clarity.
  • Bark alert – This camera is capable of sending you alerts to your mobile if the dog barks so you can reassure it. It has smart sensors that capture barking.

dog feeder

Automatic feeder for dogs and cats HOMMINI. With camera, memory function, video and voice

Can you imagine being able to leave a recorded message for your pet even if you are not there? With this Hommini gadget you can ‘talk’ with your pet, to reassure him when you are away from home.

Among its features:

  • Automatic Feeding – Can dispense 1 to 10 10 gram servings You can choose the size of the portion, if you are away from home you can program up to 4 daily alarms for the automatic feeder to distribute food.
  • Water feeder: it has a 250 ml water feeder made of ABS so that your pet will never be thirsty.
  • ANDROID & iOS VERSION WIFI connection you can download the Eggnest application in the IOS AppStore or in Google Pay that will allow you to control the device from a distance.
  • It works with batteries and connected to the network, if for example there is a power cut, it can work in battery mode.
  • Remote video function: Allows you to make voice and video recordings and interact with your pets, as well as being able to share it on social networks such as Twitter.

dog with camera

Neck surveillance camera

Another gadget for pets, but this one is put on the animal neck. It weighs little only 35 grams. If you want to know what your pet does when you are away, this camera is the perfect tool.

Among the features:

  • Flash memory 4 GB
  • Integrated microphone for sound recording
  • Image capture: 29 frames per second
  • Via USB battery charging port Battery life: 2.5 hours
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs

dog grooming

Hair Clippers for Dogs, or cats. Pets – Adjustable Rechargeable Professional Hair Clipper with 4 Universal Comb

You will be able to cut your pet’s hair safely, without the risk of cuts. Thanks to the intelligent design of this device, specially designed for the dense hair of pets. It has a ceramic blade that cuts and another titanium blade acts as a barrier so that your dog never suffers cuts.

  • This clipper may look like a human hair clipper to you, but it is specifically designed for pets. Its motor has a higher rotation speed than in human clippers, therefore it is more efficient and safe. 5 adjustable lengths for the blade (0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm) and 4 accessories for comb limit (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm), making it easy for you to decide and get the length hair you want even if you have no experience.
  • Silent: noises are usually not liked by dogs, especially if they are very close. It has super soft vibrations without disturbing the pets, which remain as calm as in normal cases even when you are cutting their hair.
  • The cordless design provides the easiest operation: different than the old clippers, the new pet hair clipper can work both when plugged in, or just on batteries for up to 70 minutes, which is basically sufficient. to complete a haircut
  • The cordless design provides the easiest operation: different than the old clippers, the new pet hair clipper can work both when plugged in, or just on batteries for up to 70 minutes, which is basically sufficient. to complete a haircut.

dog collar

Oumeiou Digital Pet Collar Cam Camera Video Recorder Security Monitor with 8GB Memory Card for Dogs or Cats

Another digital camera that allows you to record images, audio and video. The camera is very light and goes with the necklace. It records in AVI video format and its battery has a capacity of 230 mAh. The camera has a resolution of 1280 x1024. You can record videos of your pet and then share them with family or friends on social networks.


  • Power: DC 5V.
  • Lens Angle: 65.
  • Net weight: 35g.
  • Memory: 1GB-32GB.
  • Video format: AVI.
    Image format: JPG.
  • Continuous working time: ≥ 1.5 hours.
  • Capacity: 230 mAh.
  • Color: Black / Silver Cam & Orange Necklace.
  • USB cable length: about 79cm.
  • Necklace Length: 24.5 (min) ~ 33.5 (Max) cm.
  • Transmission interface: USB 2.0 interface.
  • camera: 1280 x 1024 resolution, JPEG File format
  • Battery: 3.7V high capacity polymer lithium battery.
  • Camera dimension: Approx 5.3 (width) x 5.7 (length) x 3.3 (height) cm.
  • Support system: Windows XP / 2000/2003 / Vista / Win 7 / Mac OS 10.4 / Linux.
  • Video Resolution: 640 x 480, 30 frames / sec, 16 bit PCM Audio, AVI Format

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