The best repellants for dogs

When your “furry” does his business where he shouldn’t, trouble starts. On the other hand, you may be lucky enough to live in a house on the outskirts, away from the urban hubbub, but you don’t want other dogs to enter your garden or for yours to destroy it. In cases like these, one of the best repellants for dogs can be of great help.

Simple in appearance, right? However, the 21st century and the technological revolution have turned the shopping universe into an arduous maze. When you know how to go through it, you get a superior product, since it means that, among the immense marsh of possibilities, you have known how to find the optimal one. For this to happen here too, we have written this article!

The most important

  • Repellants for dogs are usually cheap and very useful to redirect inappropriate behaviors of your dog, such as the tendency to urinate where it should not or the irrepressible desire to nibble everything that is put within reach. Of course, they require certain constancy in their use, since they are not miraculous.
  • Currently, the best repellants for dogs are made with 100% natural ingredients or safe synthesis of pheromones that give them peace of mind. In this way, they are the safest and most respectful option for them when educating them, as well as an investment that is committed to caring for planet Earth.
  • As we will see in the purchase criteria, not all dog repellants are the same. If you want to prevent your dog from invading certain areas of your garden, or keep intruder dogs away, you will not need the same repellent as when you want to prevent him from marking with urine what he should not or from stopping destroying your sneakers with his teeth.

The best repellants for dogs on the market: our recommendations

To get off to a good start, we are going to offer you a list in which we collect what, in our opinion, are the five best repellants for dogs today. As we understand the unique uniqueness of each case, we have opted for the variety in order to cover most of these: from classic repellants to more modern dog repellers.

  • The best repellent for dogs using ultrasound
  • The best soothing repellent for dogs
  • The best repellent for dogs in spray format
  • The best anti-bite repellent for dogs
  • The best anti-fungal repellent for dogs

The best repellent for dogs using ultrasound

Backed by over 75% five-star ratings, T-Raputa’s dog repellent also works on other animals such as cats, foxes, or birds. The intention of this product is to protect the confines of your home, so it fits perfectly in a garden or outdoor patio with access to the street. Its strong point? That does not harm the animal.

In addition to working with really effective ultrasonic technology, this T-Raputa dog repellent is waterproof with an IP rating of 44, which allows it to withstand the rain without too much trouble. With great ease of installation, it has three power systems: solar energy, rechargeable AA batteries (3) or through a USB cable.

The best soothing repellent for dogs

As we did in the article on best repellants for cats, we cannot avoid including in this list an option closely related to these, but that, strictly speaking, is not a repellent as such. However, it will help you reduce your dog’s stress, making it ideal for avoiding inappropriate behaviors when going to the vet or traveling by car.

It is a spray that contains a synthetic imitation of the pheromone that mothers secrete when they want to calm their puppies. Although it may seem strange, it is also effective in adult dogs. Backed by countless scientific tests and used by the bulk of the veterinary community, it has no effect on humans or other animals.

black bulldog

The best repellent for dogs in spray format

The friendly name “Noooooo …!” This dog repellent in spray boasts of providing a composition 100% natural. Due to this, it is effective in the medium term. In fact, the brand itself indicates that the product should be applied twice a day for the first three days; between the fourth and fifth, one; and, from this moment on, twice a week.

It is specially focused to avoid the marking of territory (thanks to the fact that it blocks the smell of urine that prompts the dogs to act). Therefore, you can spray it on indoor and outdoor furniture. Plus, it’s great for deterring your “furry” from chewing on your shoes or destroying your rugs. To top it off: it is safe for the environment.

The best anti-bite repellent for dogs

This Animigo spray is one of the best cheap repellants for dogs on the market. Thanks to its completely natural formula, it is an excellent option for when your dog is convalescing and must refuse to bite on bandages or wounds. On the other hand, it is also effective when you want to prevent your adventure partner from destroying furniture.

But what is it that makes it one of the best cheap repellants for dogs? Well, the liquid that makes up the product has a really bitter taste, something that dogs hate. However, thanks to its lemony touch, you will not find it unpleasant. All this without staining or resorting to alcohol, as well as only based on non-toxic components.

The best anti-fungal repellent for dogs

We close the list of best repellants for dogs with this inexpensive proposal from Specialcan. You have a useful product to spray on objects that you do not want your dog to bite, as well as in areas that you want free of urine. Its non-toxic formula allows it to be used also in puppies, making it essential as an educational element.

Presented in half-liter jars, Specialcan’s repellent for dogs acts on the basis of its repulsive aroma. But don’t worry, as we speak from a dog’s point of view, so you, as a human, will have no problem with its smell. Finally, we cannot forget to point out that it is an effective repellent for dogs both indoors and outdoors.

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Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Dog Repellants

You arrive from the gym tired, so you take a quick shower and go to bed: you forgot to put your shoes in the closet. What is your surprise, when, when you wake up, the sneakers that you had left outside are completely destroyed by the bites of your dog. It is time to buy a repellent for dogs, but, first, you must know them thoroughly.

What exactly are dog repellants and what are they used for?

Repellants for dogs generally consist of a compound that prevents dogs from approaching, biting or urinating on the object or area on which it is sprayed. However, we also have repellers for dogs, a type of repellent that usually works by ultrasound. On the other hand, there are useful anti-stress options to redirect bad behaviors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a dog repellent?

Whether it’s a cheap dog repellent or something more expensive, this product offers many more advantages than disadvantages. Although in extreme occasions the ideal is to consult an ethologist, the vast majority of canine behaviors can be controlled and redirected with one of these elements. Next, we leave you a table with its main advantages and disadvantages:
  • They are cheap
  • They avoid unwanted behaviors
  • They offer a wide variety of options
  • They do not harm the dog
  • They are respectful with the environment
  • They help keep your house in good condition
  • Many of them are undetectable to humans
  • Its effectiveness is not immediate
  • They are not equally effective in all dogs

What kinds of repellants for dogs are there?

As you may have already deduced when consulting our list, as well as following the first question answered in this section, there are a wide variety of repellants for dogs. Not only for its presentation, but also for its approach. Because each repellent for dogs has a specific objective, something you should know if you don’t want to invest in an inoperative product:
  • Repellers for dogs: Within this type, the range is very wide. In fact, we could dedicate an entire article to them. Its ultrasound-based technology is useful both to educate barking or aggressive dogs and to avoid unwanted intruders on your property (other dogs or animals).
  • Anti-bite repellants for dogs: Usually available in spray format , this type of repellants for dogs are very useful for spraying clothes, curtains or furniture that you want to keep away from the jaws of your “furry”. They usually give off a very unpleasant aroma for the dog.
  • Anti-marking dog repellents: Similar to the previous ones. In fact, many of today’s dog repellants combine both options. This variant is useful when you want to prevent your dog from urinating where it should not or is dedicated to marking, for example, the domains of your garden (plants or trees, among other elements).
  • Anti-stress sprays for dogs: This option is not exactly a repellent for dogs, but it has the same objective: to redirect inappropriate behaviors; however, in this case, in a different way: by reducing the stress of the animal. Thanks to this, visits to the vet or trips by car will become more bearable.

How do you use a repellent for dogs?

cute wrinkled puppy

The answer to this question links to the previous section. The first thing you have to be clear about is that, depending on the type of repellent for dogs you buy, its use will be different:
Type of repellent for dogsUse
Dog repellersThey are installed like scarecrows in the garden.

Those that are sold in whistle or remote control type are activated by blowing or by means of a button.

Anti-bite and anti-marking dog repellantsYou should spray with them the place or object that you do not want to suffer from the inappropriate behaviors of your dog.

Depending on the option you buy, you will need to redose often or use it more frequently during the first days.

Anti-stress spraysTo obtain the desired effect, you must spray the carrier, the car or the room with it.

Its activity is not usually very long-lasting, so if you want to prolong its effects, you must redose frequently.

Are repellants for dogs harmful to the dog?

Absolutely. The best repellants for dogs of today take great care of this aspect, thus trying to offer safe products for your companion on walks. More and more brands are opting for natural ingredients in their composition; And, when not, they do everything possible so that the process ends in a completely respectful solution for your dog.Regarding scarecrow-like dog repellers, these are also harmless to your dog. Not only because they use materials that allow them to be placed in a garden or green area without you having to worry about possible negative repercussions on the environment, but because their ultrasound-based technology does not harm the animal: it only moves it away.

Purchase criteria

The s. XXI is synonymous with impulsiveness: clay idols that are forgotten overnight and a selfie culture in which appearance matters more than being. Faced with such a scenario, you had better not transfer this gregarious and automaton spirit to the world of shopping. For this reason, and for you to be able to guide your dog, we have prepared the following purchase criteria for you:

  • Composition
  • Type
  • objective
  • Quantity
  • Odor


Although we have already said that, currently, the vast majority of repellants for dogs are respectful both with your pet and with the environment, you always have to be very attentive. In order not to invest in something that can generate more problems than solutions, we recommend that you do not forget to take a look at the ingredients of the solution. Our future also depends on it.


As we have already indicated in the Shopping Guide, you have several types of repellants for dogs. A repellent for dogs is not the same as a repellent liquid for dogs. Remember that the first of these is usually installed in the garden or in an outdoor area, and it is also useful to prevent, by means of ultrasound, other animals from approaching your home.


If what you need is a spray, you must analyze what you want it for. In the case of repellers, the options are reduced to preventing your dog or other animals from approaching certain areas; And when it comes to whistles or controls, the same, but with the addition of avoiding unnecessary barking. However, in the case of liquids, the situation is complicated:

If you want…You should use…
Prevent your “furry” from biting your most precious objects,an anti-bite dog repellent such as Animigo spray (# 4).
Discourage your dog from marking everywhere with his urine,an anti-marking repellent for dogs like the one proposed by Specialcan (position 5).
Enjoy the possibilities offered by spray antimicción and antimarcaje in a single product,a repellent for dogs two in one like the proposal of Nenoo (position # 3).
Reduce the stress your dog feels when you take him to the vet, travel by car or go to work,an anti-stress spray like the one offered by Adaptil (position # 2).


If what you need is a liquid repellent for dogs, you should invest in the appropriate amount. Assess in which areas of the house you want to use it, since the more you need to protect, the more you will require. Also, check if the product requires redosing. In these cases, our recommendation is that you stock up on two or three cans.


The vast majority of repellants for dogs interact only with the dog, so they will go unnoticed by you. However, there may be an option that, without being very unpleasant, floods your home with a not especially attractive aroma. In these situations, the best thing you can do is invest in options like Animigo and its lemony touch.


two dogs in lap

With their tongue hanging out, drooling, dogs roam the world conquering the hearts of their own and strangers. Although their nature is kind, they do not escape anger outbursts or inappropriate behavior. In these cases, a repellent for dogs is your best ally. However, you should know which one to buy, since not all act in the same way.

In the case of repellers, you should look at their installation and ease of use (especially if it is a whistle or a remote control type repeller). Regarding the classic repellants, to buy the most suitable one you must study factors such as the amount you need, the type that best suits your needs or the smell that the solution gives off.

Divyesh Patel