The most popular cat breeds

The most popular cat breeds

The figure of the cat is so widespread on the Internet that its popularity has become the object of scientific study. We discover the reason for this celebrity and which are the most sought after breeds.

Despite the fact that in USA there are more than twice as many dogs (5.5 million) as there are cats (2.4 million), dogs are not as popular as cats when it comes to the Internet universe.

Internet users have been bombarding the network of networks with memes, videos, gifs and all kinds of formats featuring these little felines for years.

What do cats have that other pets do not have? Nobody knows for sure, but the subject has already been studied.

The most popular cat breeds

Why so much cat content is consumed?

Watching videos of cats on the internet , according to a study published by Indiana University, has positive effects on our emotional state.

Another study, published this time by the scientific journal Computers in Human Behavior, says that cat owners and people with certain personality traits, such as sympathy or shyness, are more likely to view this type of content.

Some cats are more famous than others

Taking a quick look at this Feline Universe, it can be said that race matters little when it comes to sharing content.

However, when analyzing the searches that users carry out on Google from USA, a predilection for certain breeds of cat appears clearly.

And what are the most popular cat breeds in USA?

Here we have compiled a list of the 10 most sought after cat breeds in the country.

For this we have contrasted the figures produced by a tool that analyzes the searches made on Google by all Internet users within Spanish territory. These are the results:

The most popular cat breeds

Persian, Egyptian cat, and Maine Coon are the three most sought-after cat breeds

With 60,500 average searches per month, the Persian cat , the Sphynx ( also known as the Egyptian cat and the Sphinx cat ) and the Maine Coon stand on the podium of the top 10 most sought-after cats by Internet users in US.

In second place, with 40,500 searches per month, is the Siamese cat. Because in terms of grace and elegance, no cat can overshadow the Siamese.

It is also a very talkative feline, its meow is easily recognized and it uses it very often to communicate with its humans.

The most popular cat breeds

The third place in the ranking is taken by the Russian blue cat and the charismatic ragdoll

The elegant dark cloak, dotted with silver hues, of the first, has won him followers. The Russian Blue has a calm and reserved character, which allows it to adapt well to the periods of absence of the owner. Undoubtedly, these characteristics are another cause of its success in searches.

Sweetness and elegance are two of the main qualities that characterize the ragdoll, an imposing cat with intense blue eyes and a good-natured appearance.

It has the peculiarity of completely relaxing when carried in your arms, becoming “soft”, hence the name of the breed, since ragdoll means “rag doll” in English.  The three races elicit 18,100 searches on average each month on Google.

Savannah and Siberian cats are in fourth place

Both with 14,800 searches. The savannah is a hybrid breed arising from the cross between a domestic cat and a serval , a feline species native to the African continent.

Siberian cats are famous for their large size, with a body adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of southern Siberia , the region that gives them their name.

Fifth place: the angora cat

The Turkish Angora  (9,000 average messenger searches), ranked fifth on the list, is a wonderful life partner, always eager for play sessions and petting.

Even so, he has a marked temperament, which you have to know how to channel with sweetness and respect. It originates from ancient Ankara, also known as Angora, more than 2000 years ago.

Shorthair exotic and Norwegian forest, in sixth position

The angora is followed by the breed called · ”exotic shorthair”, which in US is known as “exotic cat” . This feline similar to the Persian was born in the 50s in the United States, the result of the crossbreeding of short-haired cats and Persians to improve the existing breed.

For its part, the Norwegian forest cat  (8,800) has a physique molded by the harsh and cold Scandinavian climate , which gives it a special resistance and strength against inclement weather.

The most popular cat breeds

Munchkin, Bombay, American shorthair and Himalayan cat close the TOP 10 of cat breeds

Closing the ranking, the breeds of cats Munchkin , Bombay , the Himalayan cat and finally the “American Shorthair” or American shorthair cat would go from position seven to ten .

Who establishes how many breeds of cats there are?

According to the International Feline Federation (FIFe), there are 48 breeds of cats . Each of them has a series of own characteristics that defines them as such.

The classification of a cat breed varies according to its anatomical characteristics, appearance and physical condition, and the color of its fur and eyes.

In Europe, what is established by the International Feline Federation is usually applied , which updates its official list of cat breeds every year.

It is an organization that aims to regulate breeding and promote responsible breeding. It was founded in Paris in 1949 by the great French cat lover Marguérite Ravel.

Don’t buy, adopt

The writer here warns of the danger of success achieved by certain breeds of cats in the Internet universe. There are many who make hasty decisions and rush to buy cats, with the danger that this entails.

The lack of information when acquiring a cat is a drag. There are many hatcheries that do not comply with the regulations and many other individuals who are engaged in illegal breeding.

They emphasize that, those who have a predilection for a race, should first look at the dozens of refuges that are scattered throughout the US geography . And it is that, the abandonment is such, that surely they will find one that fits with the characteristics and desired race.

Thinking of adopting? Visit the hundreds of dogs and cats that are looking for a home in the protectors of USA.

The most popular cat breeds

Check that the hatchery complies with the regulations

In addition, you have to make sure that the animal you buy has been raised in perfect condition and that the parents and young have been treated well. Irresponsible buying encourages animal abuse. On the other hand, acquired animals can develop diseases caused by inattentive breeding.

For all this, Here we always recommends adopting. In fact, on the same website there is a section where users can visit the file of hundreds of cats looking for a new home.

Divyesh Patel