The Stripping of a Schnauzer

The Stripping of a Schnauzer

At Schnauzer, you can fix their hair in two different ways, scissors or with the striping method.  Although this technique usually seems painful, useless and expensive because of the work that it takes to do it, it is not at all like that. But there are still clients who refuse to do this dog grooming practice to their dogs. Many of them think that the animal can suffer with it, but as we will see, it is not like that.

There are also customers who may complain that it is more expensive to strip the dog than to fix it with scissors or a machine. And it is true that this technique makes grooming more expensive, but because it is a delicate and entertaining task. Consider that in the time it takes to strip a single dog, up to two dogs can be stripped. That is why this aesthetic arrangement technique becomes so expensive. Of course, the results are highly beneficial for the animal, since it gains in health of the skin and they are aesthetically beautiful.


The Stripping Method

This method consists of pulling out the longest coat of hair from the dog, in order to achieve an artificial shedding and is done manually, for this we can use different blades. This technique is intended to achieve a very natural finish of the hair and also has the advantage that we aerate the follicles, and thus avoid possible infections or dermatitis, and at the same time we achieve that the coat of the animal’s hair becomes progressively harder.

With this, it is achieved that the dog does not shed a lot of hair at home, which is ideal for all those people who manifest some type of allergy to the animal’s hair, it could be said that with this technique the dog practically becomes a hypoallergenic pet.

This technique is usually done every 30 or 45 days approximately, which is the time it takes to create a new layer of hair. By doing it within this period of time, the technique is completely  painless and thus we achieve unbeatable results.


Steps to perform a good Stripping

To perform the Stripping we will have to make an exhaustive evaluation of the hair of the dog in question and use the necessary tools, for example. if we see that has passed since a long time since he became the last Stripping to the dog, we will have to use the Kingcoat, which is a tool used to remove excess hair and undercoat long. We must be very aware and analyze what type of blades we should use according to the different parts of the dog’s body, since there will be some areas that will be harder than others and we will need different numbers of blades, to be able to leave all areas equally.

This is done only on the ears, head, back, on the sides and on the tail.


Once this dog grooming and aesthetic practice has been carried out, the dog will proceed to the bathroom, where the remnants of pulled hairs, the powders used and the dirt that the animal may have at that time will be removed with the help of a good shampoo. Despite the fact that this artificial shedding system is practically painless, the small pulls with which we have extracted the animal’s hair can cause slight irritations to the skin, so we will proceed to use a special balm for these cases, with In order to relax, rehydrate and restructure the hydrolipidic layer of the skin.

Next, and no less important, is the drying of the animal, where great attention will also have to be paid, since this way, we will avoid skin problems and bad smell .


Final Review

Once the dog is completely dry, we will proceed to review those areas that may have been uneven, and we will use the scissors. To later  continue with the arrangement of the muzzles, eyebrows, legs or bloomers and the skirts.

The Schnauzer is, in itself, a dog with a hard coat, and the quality of the coat depends on the hardness of it.

Is it good for the puppy?

There are doubts whether this practice can be used in puppies. This technique can be used directly on the puppy.  From the moment we see that the puppy’s undercoat is fully formed, and the covering layer is longer than is considered recommended, we can do it.

To do this, the first thing would be to remove the small knots that the animal in question may have. Second,  we will apply the stripping powders. This will help us to remove the upper layer of hair more easily, practically the same as with adult dogs. Once the entire process has been carried out, we will have successfully achieved the first stripping of our puppy, thus leaving it with high quality hair and, at the same time, we will have familiarized the dog with dog grooming. Which will be very positive for the future.


Tools for Stripping

Finally, we will talk about the utensils that are usually used to make these arrangements.  As we have already mentioned above they are:

  • Some special blades that we have already mentioned previously  called Kingcoat;
  • It also can be used failing a thimble silicone us facilitates the grip of hair ;
  • Pumice;
  • Some special powders, which I will talk about later, which are also used to facilitate this complex technique.

Striping powders are very useful in this laborious work. They already make manual pulling of the hairs of the dog in question much easier. Always helping us with the different types of blades mentioned. With all this, what we will achieve is to eliminate the longest layer of hair. Thus giving our pet a perfect finish throughout the body.

Divyesh Patel