The Way Over The Rainbow Bridge – Farewell to The Dog

The Way Over The Rainbow Bridge – Farewell to The Dog

For us, a dog is the best friend, family companion and soul mate that we no longer want to be without. Dogs spend so many years with us and make many wonderful memories.

And yet there comes a day when suddenly nothing is as it was before: You have to say goodbye to your dog forever and let him go over the rain bridge. The death of the beloved dog is a decisive experience for every pet owner and not easy to deal with.

Regardless of whether you have to say goodbye to your dog because of its age, an illness or all of a sudden, one thing is very important: Be aware of your grief and your needs. So you can accompany your dog on his last journey and take your time for it.

dog in grasses

The Best Way to Say Goodbye to Your Dog

What helps you to say goodbye to your deceased darling and how would you like to design it for yourself? Unfortunately, there is no way to create the infinity of a dog’s life, but instead that of positive  memories  – so design them according to your wishes:

The Animal Cremation

With a lot of love and respect for the animals, the  animal crematoria  ensure that you can say goodbye to your dog with dignity after its death. The animal crematorium can either collect your dog from your vet or you can make an appointment to bring your dog to an animal crematorium in your area yourself.

Decide which type of cremation you want: should your dog be cremated together with other animals or individually? You can also use the last chance to cut off a last lock of fur from your darling, to take a paw print or to have an individual souvenir piece of jewelry made.

The trained and empathetic employees of the animal crematorium support you in your grief and ensure that you say goodbye according to your wishes.

With a single cremation, you will also get the ashes of your animal back and you can keep them in a hand-made urn at a personal place where you leave or bury them in your own garden at your dog’s favorite place.

A cremation is a unique and special farewell to your dog.

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The Burial

In addition to the cremation of the animal, there is also the possibility of burying your animal. However, it is essential to note the current legal situation.

Small animals may only be buried in the ground on your own property, provided that your garden is not in a water protection or nature reserve and the groundwater supply is not impaired. If your dog has a reportable illness, it may not be buried in the garden. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bury your animal on a property that does not belong to you.

Hold your own, small ceremony in your own garden when you are buried in the ground: for example, place your dog on his favorite blanket and give him his favorite toy on the last trip. Perhaps you would like to say goodbye with a few words or stroke your dog for the last time?

Beautify the grave, for example, with a special commemorative stone or a flower bed. This gives you a place to come back to when you want to remember your dog.

If you do not have the possibility of burial in your own garden, you can also rent a grave in a pet cemetery, which you can design and maintain yourself. Ask your vet if there is a pet cemetery nearby.

By the way: At a pet cemetery you usually also have the option of burying an urn from the animal crematorium. Or you can bury the ashes of your cremated dog in your own garden.

When the ashes are buried in the ground, the time factor does not play a role. You can choose the time of the funeral if it feels right for you.

owner and 2 dogs

Memorabilia Such as Photo Books, Paw Prints and Much More

A dog will never be forgotten, no matter how long it has lived with you. How exactly you shape the memory is entirely up to you.

Do you have beautiful photos with which you would like to create a photo book or a memorial book? Maybe you had your dog cremated? Then place the pet urn in the most beautiful place in the house or garden. There are many ways you can keep your dog’s memory alive.

Bringing back beautiful memories will also help you deal with grief. Remember, talk to your friends and family and laugh together at the many special events. Because this is the only way you don’t give the sad moments too much space, but above all look back on the positive time with your dog.

Wasn’t it nice to laugh at your dog when he did something again? How relaxing was it to walk through the forest together?

After saying goodbye, you can indulge in memories and look ahead at the same time. You had a wonderful time with your dog and nobody takes the memories away from you.

Life is limited, but memory is infinite!

dog and owner

The Future: Time For A New Dog?

Life without a dog is hard to imagine. Therefore, many animal lovers also think about a new dog .

Here dog owners look very differently into the future – and every point of view is absolutely ok, because everyone deals differently with their grief coping.

Perhaps you already have a second dog that accompanied you during the time of saying goodbye and the other dog’s mourning? Use his strength to overcome the loss of a good friend.

Did you choose a new dog after your dog died? Do not look for a replacement, but for a new friend and give the new dog enough space to develop individually.

He will never be able to step in your old friend’s paw prints, but he can create new ones – with their own adventures, funny moments and special challenges.

Do you still need time after the loss of your deceased dog or you cannot imagine letting a new dog into your life? That too is absolutely understandable and entirely your decision. Take the time you need and only do what is good for you and feels right for you.

Divyesh Patel