Things dogs can predict

Things dogs can predict

One of the most surprising characteristics of our four-legged friends is their great sensitivity to the natural world. Dogs have much more developed senses than human beings, so they often “know” what is going to happen before we do.

And, although they do not have the ability to tell you what number is going to come out in the Gordo de Navidad or how Barça will do it in the Champions League, there are 8 other things that dogs can tell you. From we show them to you.

Degenerative diseases like cancer

Ailments tend to produce changes that are often invisible to the naked eye. The same does not happen with many dog ​​breeds, which due to their great sense of smell can realize that an organism is giving off abnormal chemical particles due to a disease.

Research on this topic dates back to 1989, when a dog detected that a seemingly harmless mole was a melanoma in an early stage of cancer.


Attacks due to low blood sugar in diabetes patients

People with diabetes have a particular breath, which also varies depending on the level of sugar in the blood. Believe it or not, there are therapy dogs whose job is to control the breath odor of patients with diabetes and warn them if their levels are too low. The goal is to avoid very high blood sugar drops, which often end in a medical crisis.


Seismic movements and earthquakes

Many animals get nervous moments before an earthquake strikes. Dogs display restless behavior, pacing, trying to get out of the house, or barking for no apparent reason. Some studies assure that our furry friends can warn about earth movements that are going to occur more than 1000 kilometers away.


The storms

Why check the weather forecast if you have a dog at home? On the one hand, their hearing is much more sensitive than ours, thanks to which they will hear the lightning and thunder of an approaching storm; Likewise, they can smell the accumulation of ions in the environment, something that occurs when the rays that fall to the ground are formed. Finally, they feel the excess moisture prior to any precipitation.


The pregnancy

Thanks to their smell, dogs discover before anyone else the hormonal changes that occur in a woman’s body during the first months of her new state. The behavior of a dog that knows that a member of its family is going to have a family is unmistakable.

They tend to spend long periods of time around the pregnant woman, become more protective and may even come to smell her more often.

new born

Time to give birth

A dog’s powers of prediction are not limited to knowing when a woman is pregnant; they will also be suspicious when the time of delivery is near. Some of the signs of the arrival of a new member to the family are that he reaches out to touch the belly or that he follows the pregnant woman absolutely everywhere, even to the bathroom!


The fear

“Don’t be afraid of dogs because they can smell you!” Surely once they said this phrase to you when you saw yourself trembling in front of a poodle. Believe it or not, it is supported by scientific truth.

In humans, fear raises adrenaline levels, which causes us to release pheromones easily detectable by dogs. The scent of fear piques their curiosity and they are likely to approach or bark.

coming home

That your favorite human is coming home

Many dogs can tell that you are about to arrive home thanks to the combination of their hearing and their smell. Their sensitive hearing allows them to hear that there is a person in the elevator or walking on the sidewalk at home, while their nose recognizes your particular smell, as it is recorded in their brain under the label of “my best friend.” Faced with these signs, he will be anxious and excited about the reunion . A few barks of joy and a flick of the tail will give away your happiness.

Many dogs also have a special sensitivity and recognize if you are going to leave them alone for a long time. Remember that they are used to your usual routine and the arrival of a trip usually causes you to change your habits. In those moments they will be sad and it may be difficult for them to separate from you.

And you, have you ever experienced any of these doggy predictions? Do you know of any other abilities that we haven’t mentioned here? Leave us your opinion in comments.

Divyesh Patel