The unexpected cat band from Le贸n: Joaqu铆n Sabina and Serrat are in the throes

The mythical singer-songwriters are also joined by the names of other artists such as Fito and the late Aute 馃惐馃槏.

You just have to take聽a look at the work of Joaqu铆n Sabina to see his love for cats聽.聽Beyond their songs, poems, drawings and even a book they talk about them.聽In addition, the Ja茅n has lived with more than half a dozen cats.聽

However, this time the question is different:聽Le贸n’s unexpected cat gang聽.聽Seeing Joaqu铆n Sabina and Serrat singing together is a classic of Spanish music.聽Now, what if they were cats 馃惐馃帳?聽

Le贸n’s unexpected cat band features Sabina and Serrat

The Le贸n Animal and Plant Protection Association had聽the ingenious idea of 鈥嬧媌aptizing its last litter with the names of singer-songwriters聽.聽The sibling kittens call themselves聽Sabina, Serrat, Fito and Aute聽馃幖.聽

鈥淭hey arrived alone, without a mother, and they have gone into foster care.聽We have called them ‘聽the litter of singer-songwriters’ because they did not stop singing asking for food,聽“聽writes the protector in her Facebook post.聽

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Such a success is this insightful idea that聽the story of cats has been shared hundreds of times on the social network聽.聽Also on Instagram there are 400 people who follow the post:聽“What a treat!”;聽“Oh, the singer-songwriters and their names!”聽, are some of the comments.聽

As kittens are so small, they are currently in foster care.聽If you are interested in adopting Sabina, Serrat, Fito or Aute, write a private message聽to the Le贸n Animal and Plant Protection Agency on Facebook or on Instagram.聽

Will their adopters keep their names 馃惐馃構?


Divyesh Patel