This Is What Distinguishes A Healthy Dog Sausage

This Is What Distinguishes A Healthy Dog Sausage

A tasty dog ​​sausage is increasingly proving to be a particularly digestible dog food. A high-quality dog ​​sausage consists of natural ingredients, so that the dog is supplied with all the important nutrients.

In today’s article, we’ll tell you what makes a healthy dog ​​sausage and what the ideal recipe should look like.

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A High Proportion Of Meat And Natural Ingredients Are Important

Healthy dog ​​sausage is primarily based on high-quality ingredients that enable the dog to be fed as naturally as possible. Therefore, the original feeding habits of a dog are primarily taken into account during production. After all, the wolf, as the ancestor of the dog, also kills various prey every day.

The raw meat is rich in proteins and other vital substances that support the immune system, bone health and the entire organism of the predator. Natural dog sausage therefore has a meat content of at least seventy percent.

Instead of inferior slaughterhouse waste, only fresh meat and offal, such as liver, rumen, spleen and kidney, are used for production.

However, when buying it, it is important to ensure that primarily mono-proteins are contained in the dog sausage. This means that no mixtures are used and only fresh meat from a single species is used.

After all, the wolf also eats its prey as a whole and therefore only consumes one type of protein. Single-protein meals provide an important protection against possible allergies, especially for sensitive dogs with food intolerance.

Accordingly, natural dog sausage is also free from grain and gluten and is therefore particularly valued as a hypoallergenic food.

Dogs that tend to be overweight and have gastrointestinal problems will particularly love easily digestible dog sausages with lean turkey / chicken meat.


Artificial Additives Have No Place In A Natural Dog Sausage

So that all the important nutrients are preserved, the  dog sausage is  gently processed directly by the butcher and filled into a sterile casing. Therefore, in a fresh dog sausage, the natural taste of the ingredients is in no way falsified.

Furthermore, unlike poor quality dog ​​food, natural dog sausage is free of artificial additives. Accordingly, preservatives, flavor enhancers, attractants, sugar and emulsifiers are not to be found in this healthy snack.

When buying a dog sausage, however, you should always ensure that it is only supplied by quality companies. In this case, all raw materials used are shown transparently so that the dog owner can easily choose the right variety for his protégé.

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Additional Vegetables Provide Important Vitamins

First of all, it should be mentioned that the typical eating habits of a dog hardly differ from those of a wolf. The wolf feeds primarily on prey, which it usually consumes whole, including meat, blood, bones and innards.

Nevertheless, the wolf is not a pure carnivore, as it also feeds on the stomach and intestinal contents of its prey. He therefore automatically consumes herbs, berries, pieces of roots, various types of vegetables and eggs.

Thanks to these versatile nutritional components, the wolf is supplied with all the important vitamins, trace elements and carbohydrates.

Now it is not surprising that the typical eating habits of the wolf are taken into account for the production of nutritious dog sausage.

The tasty dog ​​food is therefore not only rich in fresh meat, but is also enriched with various types of fruit and vegetables, such as apples, carrots, sweet potatoes and cucumber.

Buckwheat and amaranth also serve as important suppliers of valuable  vitamins, proteins and minerals. By the way, amaranth and buckwheat belong to the genus of pseudograins and therefore do not contain gluten.

Therefore, dog sausage with buckwheat and amaranth is also very suitable for particularly sensitive dogs. In particular, animals that have a grain intolerance are dependent on a grain-free composition of the dog sausages.

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Conclusion: The Right Dog Sausage For Every Taste

Fresh dog sausages give your beloved four-legged friend unforgettable taste experiences and are also full of important nutrients.

After all, high-quality dog ​​sausage is not only delicious, but is also characterized by selected raw materials. Thanks to the different recipes, the right variety can of course be found for every four-legged friend.

Divyesh Patel