Tintin was born with microphthalmia and needs a family that loves him just the way he is

If it is usually difficult to find adoption families for cats, if they also have a disease, the protectors have it even more difficult.

Her name is Tintin, and she is a nine-month-old cute who, although he is in good hands (the Associació Protectora d’Animals de Granollers takes care of him), deserves to find a home full of love. 

This kitten runs the risk of becoming “invisible”, those animals that spend months, even years, in the shelters because nobody wants them. The reasons can be varied, in this case it has to do with their little eyes .

What are the most common eye diseases in cats? 

A birth disease

Tintin came to the world with microphthalmia , it is a birth disease in cats, for which the animal has smaller eyes than normal. Although this pathology can affect specimens with healthy eyes, but simply smaller; in other cases, like that of Tintin, it is associated with blindness.

“Tintin is an extremely affectionate, confident, cuddly and highly intelligent cat. It is very good oriented in spaces! Also, he enjoys being in contact with people, he is a true love ”. 

This is how they define him from the protector who currently cares for him, who asks for him “a family that respects his limitations and loves him as he is.” Could you be that family?

And remember that there are many other cats for adoption waiting for a family that loves them … 

Remember: a disinterested gesture can change your life


Divyesh Patel