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Pets can become an integral part of the family that we care for, pamper, and above all, protect. And one of the animals most loved by humans are dogs. There are many accessories that you can acquire to improve the quality of life of these furry people, but one that cannot be missing is the walking belt, because with this you will be able to keep them safe when you leave the house and away from the risks that they can run when they are loose, such as getting lost or being run over by a vehicle when crossing the street.

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Buying Guide – What is the best dog leash on the market?

Dogs are the best friends of human beings, and as such, they should be given special treatment by their masters. And one way to show our love for them is by giving them security, and we can do that by buying a leash.

These products will give you the satisfaction that your furry dog will not be at risk when he leaves the house, you will be able to control his movements and keep him close to you, if necessary, when he takes a walk on his dog leash.

The models that you are going to get in the market are very diverse and there is a great amount of leashes that you are going to be able to acquire, but the first thing that you must have clear before choosing your model is the race of the dog, there is one for each canine. We always want to give the best to our pets, so you may ask yourself which is the best dog leash on the market, however, this will be answered by you, according to the need of use you want to give it.

When making a comparison of dog leashes on the market, we can determine certain factors that you should take into account before buying the model for your pet and the main one is the length of it, this will depend on the independence of the dog and the master.

The manufacturing materials are also a key factor, so you can get an idea of how durable the product will be, how resistant it will be to pulling when the dog is running, and how comfortable it will be to use when your hands are rubbing.

How much it costs is another point that you can’t leave out; it will determine the budget you must have in order to acquire the leash you want for your dog or dogs, depending on the amount of pets you have at home; you will find from a good and economical leash to an expensive one.

Why buy a dog leash?

To make your dogs more comfortable and above all safer, you should buy them a leash for walking. These are practically indispensable products for these animals; it is very important the control you can exercise on them.

Choosing a leash for our favorite animal, the dog, can be a little difficult. There are many brands that will offer you this product and that is why the length, width, materials and design are very important.

But since these details must be known in depth to make your decision, we have prepared a guide to buy the best dog leash in the commercial world, so you will have more knowledge of the parameters to follow to choose. We will detail the characteristics below.


The type of leash you will get is very variable, it can change according to the breed of dog you own and of course, of the tastes you have. There are static ones, without movement, that is to say, a strap of an exact measure in which you will find a handle of the same material to hold the dog.

There are others that are retractable, almost always have a plastic casing that serves to protect the belt that is rolled up, to let it out little by little and the control will be on its grip handle, managing to stop the belt from coming out.

There are also models that are elastic and stretch as the dog or master pulls the leash, while walking. Also, there is so much variety that you will find those that serve to take out more than one dog at a time.


The length of the leash is an indispensable factor, the more meters, the more space you will have to move with respect to your dog. ‘He can easily move away without you, as master, having to move.

They are available from a meter long, as well as those that can reach more than 15 meters, so the animal will be totally free, but controlled.

Please note that depending on the breed of dog it could be the length of the leash you have to buy. For the smaller ones, 1 to 2 meters are recommended; from 2 to 5 for the medium and large ones, and if they are very robust, more than 5 meters.

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The manufacturing materials, as we had mentioned, are very important and in this type of articles they are usually very resistant. They almost always use nylon in different dimensions and lengths; and there are others who use rope, because it is very strong.

There are also leather ones and in fact some manufacturers use metal to reinforce the grip to the breast and handle, so they are much more durable, these usually for large breed dogs.

Those that are retractable are almost always made of ABS or some plastic that is really resistant to use and even to impact, as these straps could fall off if the dog pulls too hard on them and slips out of your hands.

Top 5 Dog Leashes

To be able to walk your dog in the green areas of your residence, when you go to the parks or to the beach, you need to buy a leash. These will help you to keep him always by your side and to have control of his movements.

They will also serve to make sure that your dog is always protected when it is on the street; it will not run the risk of being hit by a car while crossing a road and it will not get lost while walking, it will always be by your side.

The use you will be able to give them is really versatile, not only they are useful to leave the house every time you want to walk with your pet, but also you can use them to train them or keep them safe in one place.

The variety you will be able to get is very wide, there are individual ones and those that allow you to walk more than one animal, which is ideal if you have more than two furry ones to pamper and pamper at home.

For all this, is that tell you with determination what is the best dog leash on the market is difficult, depends on the use you’re going to give and what you look for, because there are many factors that will influence your purchase, starting with the breed of dog you have.

After having commented on the main purchase parameters to be analyzed, we are going to offer you and detail 5 models that are the most outstanding among the best dog leashes of 2020. You can determine if among them is the one you want for your pet.

1. Outad High Resistance Retractable Dog Leash

Main advantage:

The main advantage of this dog leash is its strong and versatile design. You can choose between two sizes: (L) long 5 m and (S) short 3 m; depending on the weight and size of the pet.

Main disadvantage:

Some buyers have left comments online stating that the size of the harness that holds the leash to the dog’s collar is small, making it a little difficult to attach.

This model of leash is very useful when it comes to walking trained dogs and self-control. Its extensible quality gives the animal comfort and a sense of freedom.

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Main characteristics explained

Strong and flexible

Although there are many different dog leashes on the market, extensible leashes are an excellent option for walking your pet. These models allow the owner and his dog to walk comfortably, while the animal enjoys the feeling of greater freedom.

Compared to conventional straps that are rigid and not very ergonomic for the animal and the owner, the Outad Cool Bud model is flexible, resistant and fits perfectly in your hand. It has a system that allows the controlled extension of the tape, so your pet can explore and sniff with total freedom all their environment. Also, thanks to its practical hook you can hold it firmly to the dog’s collar.

You can also choose between two sizes available: 3 and 5 meters long, depending on the breed and body weight; the 3 m model is ideal for dogs up to 15 kg, and the 5 m leash is recommended for animals up to 50 kg.

Usefulness and precautions

Dogs are domestic animals that need walks or walks in order to exercise and channel all their energy, this also helps them to release the stress of being locked up in a house. If you are a pet owner, you need to have some free time to take your dog for a walk every day, and for that there is nothing better than being able to have a leash suitable for the size and weight of the animal.

Extensible leashes like this model we present to you today, are very practical and comfortable, both for the owner and for the dogs. However, it is important that your pet is trained, because it is not advisable that at the slightest external stimulus the animal gets out of control and pulls the leash suddenly, without giving the opportunity to place the mechanism that blocks the length of the leash. This could put your pet’s integrity at risk if he gets into a dogfight.

Design and materials

This model is designed with a housing made of strong, lightweight plastic, which houses an intuitive mechanism that gives you all the control to use the strap conveniently. With the push of a button, you can easily adjust both the slide and the strap lock according to the circumstances.

It also has an ergonomic handle that facilitates a comfortable grip; in addition, thanks to the flat format of the tape you can avoid annoying tangles.

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2. Pecute Dog Leash Belt Free Hands

This dog leash is one of the most versatile on the market ,because it has two ways of use, the main and traditional with its nylon handle or with its body belt. This one fits your hips allowing you to have your hands free.

The length of this model is 1.5 meters. The dog will have some freedom of movement, but will not go far, to avoid dangers and accidents. If you decide to control it with your hands, you’ll find foam rubber on the handle, so you won’t have any damage to them despite the rubbing.

The cord or leash, as such in this model, is elastic; it lengthens as the dog pulls on it, but does not exceed the measurement noted above. You’ll get reflective tape on them to make sure you get it out at night.

If you like to go out and train with your pet and don’t know which dog leash to buy that fits your physical activities, this one from Pecute may be the option you’re looking for, as it’s designed to be worn around your waist while you’re hands-free, keeping the dog at your side. Here we summarize the pros and cons of this functional product.

dog leash


Versatility: In addition to holding the leash to your waist, you can also use it in the traditional way but with the comfort of the rubber handle so you don’t hurt your fingers while walking your dog.

Rhythm: This leash also serves as a training mechanism for restless pets, as they must learn to maintain the same rhythm as the person who is leading them.

Simplicity: The easy exchange of the handles or the belt allows a simple use of the strap.


Length: This leash is 1.5 meters long, which can be a bit short when you walk your dog in the traditional way.

3. Flexi Strap Dog Flexi 20 Kg

With a total of 3 meters long, your dog will be able to move around comfortably when you take him for a walk. This model is very easy and comfortable to use; in its handle you will get a control knob that will allow you to limit the length and movement of the pet.

The design of its grip handle is very comfortable for the hands, is ergonomic and adapts to the hand easily. It has a plastic casing that is very durable and the strap is made of not very wide nylon, it unfolds and retracts easily and without tangling.

It weighs about 220 grams and can support the weight of animals that do not exceed 20 kilos, so it is ideal for medium or small breeds.

Flexi has stood out in the market for its products for the care and transfer of pets, which is why some customers claim that it is the best brand of dog leashes. Therefore, we have selected this model to describe its pros and cons, as it has positive evaluations from users for its design and resistance.


Ergonomics: Due to its retractable design and plastic housing this leash is very comfortable to wear, both for the master and the dog.

Extension: The three meters of length of the leash provides greater freedom of movement for your pet.

Safety: The reflective strap makes the dog and its master more visible if they go out at night, offering security for both.


Capacity: It is designed to support up to 20 kg of weight, so if your pet is big and robust we suggest you look for other models.

Price: This is one of the most expensive belts on this list, but the quality of the product and the brand’s track record support the purchase.

4. Locisne No tangles 1.4m double dog leash

This model is a leash for two dogs, which will allow you to take them out of the house, at the same time, having total control of the movements they will have while walking their favorite places.

With a length of 1.4 meters, the dogs will be more comfortable to walk and will not be so close to each other. Its handle is made of soft material, so you don’t have any discomfort in your hand when you take them out.

It can withstand up to 227 kilograms of force, so it can be used by dogs of medium or large breeds, although this does not mean that it cannot be used on small dogs. It is made of nylon, it will be more durable.

If you are still looking for cheaper options to take your dog for a walk, then we invite you to take a look at this model of Locisne highlighted by its anti-tangle design and its attractive color. Here is a summary of its positive and negative aspects.


Double: The double system of this leash is very useful to walk two dogs at the same time and hold them with one hand.

Hold on: The soft foam handle provides a comfortable grip on the strap.

Resistance: The design of the braided nylon offers greater resistance to support the pulls that give the pets avoiding also the entanglements.


Hook: One user recommends sewing the tip of the hook to reinforce it, as it gives the impression of being weak.

Small dogs: Another customer says the leash is uncomfortable for walking small dogs, so he thinks it is more suitable for medium and large dogs.

5. Ueetek Nylon Pet Dog Leash

With a total of 15 meters in length, the pet will have the desired freedom of movement. This model is ideal for both dogs and cats, from puppies to middle-aged.

This dog training leash has a width of 2.5 centimeters, and its total length can be adjusted by half, 7.5 m, if you consider it necessary, as you will have a better control of the animal. It has a metal chest clip, to be much more resistant.

In addition, its manufacturing material, apart from being durable, is soft so that your pet feels comfortable, since it is made of nylon. And as for the hook, it’s made of metal, to hold the leash securely to your pet.

With a total length of 15 meters this product is considered by many users as the best dog leash for 10 euros, which is designed for the training of domestic pets. Here are its pros and cons.


Extension: The 15 meters length is appropriate to give your dog freedom and to keep him under control. It can also be adjusted in half and used with 7.5 meters extension.

Material: The strap is made entirely of nylon and the hooks are made of metal, with a reinforced seam in the D-ring for greater strength.

Simplicity: The classic design of this strap makes it very easy to use and when folded it takes up little space.


Handle: This model lacks a handle so be careful not to hurt yourself if your dog pulls too hard on the leash.

Color: There is no variety of colors to choose from for this strap, it is only sold in black.

Outad High Resistance Retractable Dog Leash

In this model you will get a leash that extends according to the movement that the dog will have. It is manufactured in a plastic casing that covers its entire length and allows it to exit or enter depending on the need to move.

You will be able to control this movement from its grip handle, which is comfortable to the touch with your hand and has a brake that allows you to control the movement of the dog. It comes in 2 sizes of 5 meters long, managing to support 50 kg of force and 3 meters, which supports 15 kg.

It is considered by users as the best dog leash because of the quality of its materials and the different sizes in which you will be able to acquire it. In addition, if you have any doubts about purchasing this model, you will also be able to purchase an instruction manual.

There are many leash options on the market to choose from, but several users recommend this model as they believe it is the best dog leash at the moment. Below we describe its characteristics to know if it is the one you need to walk your pet.


Length: It is available in two sizes: the L with 5 meters long and the S with 3 meters, so you can choose the one that best suits the size and breed of your dog.

Resistance: The plastic strap and casing are strong and durable, as the size L supports up to 50 kg and the S 15 kg.

Design: The retractable design is comfortable and ergonomic for users, as it allows the dog to be held tightly no matter how restless it is.

Brake: The brake system works efficiently and is easy to handle due to its location on top of the plastic housing.


Hitch: Some users find the hitch too small to hold large dogs.

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How to use a dog leash?

If you want to go for a walk with your dog comfortably, you will have to take into account certain details that are ideal for offering him a considerable level of protection and safety, so having a dog leash will guarantee you total control of your pet while he walks and is distracted, thus avoiding uncomfortable and dangerous moments to which he could be exposed in case you do not have your own chain.

Therefore, we have decided to create this article in order to provide you with important information about the use you should make of your new dog leash, hoping that it will be of great help to you.

Choose a collar for your dog

The first thing you should do is choose an ideal collar to correctly adjust the strap to your dog’s neck, taking into account that it should be soft and comfortable, so that it cannot cause any physical damage to your dog.

Put the dog on a leash

Placing the leash on the dog’s collar will be extremely easy, as most models use the same attachment system. To do this, simply locate the rings on the collar and insert the strap hook into them. That way your dog would be ready to go for a walk with you. It should be noted that you should not be afraid that the strap may come loose, as the grip hook is usually made of metal, a totally resistant and safe material.

In the case of the more modern leash models, you can take your dog for a walk totally safe and without having to use your hands to hold the leash, because it is worth noting that you only have to adjust a simple belt to your hip that will be included in the package and then the dog’s leash to the belt mentioned above. This way you can go for a walk or even jog in the company of your dog in comfort, without having to use your hands.

Now, if the collar is intended for use not only by one dog, but by two at the same time, you simply need to perform the same attachment process mentioned at the beginning. Place the rings on the collars of each one and hold the hook of the strap and that’s it, you will only have to go out for a walk with your two doggy pets.

Hold the strap properly

Holding the leash properly will allow you to have more control over your pet in case he adopts strange behavior or even wants to run away. This being the case, you should take advantage of the grip handle provided by the strap you have chosen, since it sometimes has a totally ergonomic design capable of providing you with comfort, adapting to the shape of your hand.

dog leash (2)

Allow the dog to move around freely and calmly

Adjusting the length of the strap you have chosen will not be a problem, since you will only have to turn a knob strategically located on the grip handle that will allow you to limit the length of the strap when you feel it is necessary. Other models use a completely different system, where just by pressing a button on the handle you can control the dog’s movement.

In the case of straps with a more traditional system, adjusting the length of the strap will be much easier than you think, as you will only have to position the strap at the height you think is necessary to give your pet a little more freedom while walking.

The most popular brands

The dog is man’s best friend and to thank him for his friendship and loyalty it is necessary that his owners treat them with care, give them the attention they require and, on top of that, take care of them at all times. A dog leash is necessary for safe but fun walks where both you and your pet can go without worrying and totally relaxed. If you have a leash that gives you good control over your dog, then forget about running after him because he ran away. Popular brands such as Arppe, Pecute and Ueetek have great design straps to make your walks happier.

All pets are important, and for that reason, Arppe is a brand that has decided to dedicate itself to all of them equally. This Spanish company is in charge of giving you devices that make the coexistence with those animals you have chosen as friends easier and more bearable. This way you can offer them a comfortable and safe home and, at the same time, you can rest assured that your pets are well cared for.

Arpee’s catalogue is very wide and continues to expand constantly to be able to adapt to the needs of different species and also breeds. That way, no matter what pet you have, you can find a product that makes it feel great in its own home.

The brand’s dog leashes are famous for their beautiful exclusive designs with prints and stripes that are sure to attract the attention of dogs. They are easily stretched and have secure snaps so that they do not come off the collar.

Pecute knows that an animal is not the same as a human and, because of those differences, they need specific care to grow and develop healthily. Although the brand takes people’s comfort into consideration, it stands out more than anything else for its products dedicated exclusively to the total comfort of pets and that is why it has become so famous.

Pecute has been a success everywhere, especially at Amazon, where it has received numerous positive comments and good ratings. America, Asia and Europe have access to its products, as Amazon stores in countries like Japan, the United States, France, Spain and the United Kingdom have Pecute creations online.

The brand’s dog leashes are characterized by respect and give your pet the freedom he needs without giving him total control. Because of this, these products have the quality of being elastic and measuring up to 1.5 meters so that your dog can walk comfortably and you can be safe.

Do you have a dog, a cat, a reptile, a fish or a bird? Do you have them all or just one of them? No matter what your answer is, Ueetek is a brand that is ready for everyone equally.

corgi dog leash

This company with presence in Europe and America is in charge of offering high quality products so that the most adorable members of your family can have a comfortable, safe and peaceful life. Either with accessories that facilitate their development or with homes that allow their constant healthy development.

If you have a dog the options are very wide, as it is one of the most common pets. For that reason, in the Ueetek product portfolio you will find several items suitable for your best friend.

Dog leashes are products that have always been part of Ueetek and as they are faithful believers of equal treatment between pets, this brand offers leashes suitable for both dogs and cats. Long, safe and with a firm grip to avoid slipping out of your hands.

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