True Instinct High Meat Review 2021

Main advantage:

This cat food from the manufacturer True Instinct has a formula that has been developed by experts in animal and feline nutrition, so it has components that provide energy and protein for the development of active pets.

Main disadvantage:

Unlike other brands, this True Instinct feed has a higher cost and its distribution system is not as advanced, so sometimes it is not easily available.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a concentrated food that is available in several presentations and is made with high quality ingredients, which have been included in a gluten-free recipe and high in animal protein.

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Main characteristics explained

Base and recipe

The diet of cats should be composed of a high degree of animal protein because, despite being domestic pets, are carnivorous and the basis of their diet should be composed of meat, chicken or fish. That’s why cat food has recipes with a high protein content, or at least that’s what happens in the best foods, and according to users’ opinions, True Instinct High Meat is one of them, with 75% animal protein and 25% vegetable.

This cat food has a recipe that includes a salmon base and no cereal added, so its formula is gluten-free. Instead, True Instinct High Meat cat food contains peas, chickpeas and potatoes, which are a direct source of minerals and function as carbohydrates, but at a level suitable for the digestion and proper metabolism of adult cats.

This recipe prepared by the brand has a high concentration of meat and fish proteins, which have been carefully selected, along with healthy vegetables and legumes, to be integrated in convenient proportions to regular consumption and thus provide a balanced diet, which improves the metabolism of the pussy, as well as its muscle mass.

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The price of cat food usually varies depending on the brand, the input and the presentation or amount of content inside the package. In the case of True Instinct High Meat, it is available in two presentations: one of them is small, containing one kilogram, while the other is available in a quantity of 7 kilos.

Both modalities of the line have the same attributes in relation to nutrients, vitamins, inputs and ingredients, so the difference is focused on quantity. So the choice must be made considering secondary factors. On the one hand, the seven-kilogram package is practical and functional for those who do not wish to go to the supermarket regularly, since this content can be used for more than four months, in case it is only one animal. It can also be the convenient value for money alternative for those who have more than one cat.

As an additional feature, either presentation includes a hermetic sealing system, so that, regardless of use, the properties of the food will be preserved.

Nutrients and contributions

This True Instinct food often appears as the best cat food on the market, because it is made with vitamins and nutritional supplements that are integrated into the diet of adult cats to boost their metabolism and help a healthy state, for a longer and happier life.

The food has a direct incidence on all the basic functions of the animal, since it is known that the muscular tone, agility, strength and a free organism of diseases will depend on its diet. Therefore, the manufacturer has made an effort to provide, through its food, various nutrients that provide, satisfy and provide energy for the pet to have an active life. Hence, its developers have included a high level of energy and protein, all of them to comply with the instinctive nutrition of the feline.

With the regular consumption of these kibbles during a period of time, the results will be noticed in the pet, because thanks to their contributions the pet will have a healthier skin, with a shinier coat and with a reduction in hair loss. Also, among the benefits for cats, they will begin to acquire a body condition with greater muscle mass. In addition, because the formula contains antioxidants, such as vitamins E and C, selenium, zinc and other proteins, its natural immune function is enhanced.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($35.36)




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