True Instinct No Grain Review 2021

Main advantage:

The greatest benefit of this food is that it has been made without the use of cereals, which makes the digestive process easier. To replace them, other carbohydrates such as dried apple, peas, potatoes and chickpeas were used, which help maintain your pet’s health.

Main disadvantage:

Because it belongs to the Medium/Maxi range, the size of the kibble is a bit large for very small dogs. In these cases, it is best to choose a product from the mini category.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is one of the most outstanding dog foods today, containing zinc, omega 3 and 6, ingredients that improve skin health and coat quality.

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Main characteristics explained


This product stands out among dog foods mainly because of the absence of cereals, since in many cases the digestive problems of pets are related to allergic reactions due to the presence of gluten and other elements among the main ingredients. However, the True Instinct No Grain helps to maintain the animal’s good health for the master’s peace of mind.

It offers a good balance between protein and high quality fat, since its main ingredient is fresh chicken, thanks to this, the food keeps the dog’s muscles in good condition, so it is very convenient for those pets that have a very active life.

According to the opinions of some users, this is one of the best dog foods today, as it is easily digestible thanks to the fact that it contains fibers, fruits and vegetables that give it a prebiotic fertilizing effect, to stimulate the formation of healthy bacteria in the dog’s intestine, thus preventing diarrhea and pasty stools.

It is able to keep your pet’s skin healthy for a stronger and better looking coat, due to the presence of healthy fats, in addition, it contains special additives that work as antioxidants to provide greater strength to the animal’s immune system.

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Many of the people who have bought this product think that the price is adjusted to the quality, so it represents a good investment, since in the long run the dogs are healthier, which implies less visits to the vet and less expenses in canine medicines. This is mainly due to the ingredients used in the manufacture of the food.

Among the proteins we can mention 10% of dehydrated pork, 23% of chicken and 15% of dehydrated chicken. These proteins are of high biological value, so they promote muscle development in dogs. In addition, chicken has a large amount of tryptophan, an amino acid that provides comforting sensations, for a happier life.

It has a fair amount of legumes, such as pea flour and dried chickpeas, which are a source of fiber and protein. This food also includes 0.35% dried apple, 0.35% dried carrot and 0.01% dried red fruits, which provide a balanced caloric index to produce the energy your pet needs every day.

It has 3% crude fiber, which helps in the digestive process for better absorption of nutrients. In addition, it has 7.5 % inorganic matter, which is a balanced percentage of minerals resulting from the cooking of the ingredients themselves.


Another of the main characteristics of this product is that it includes a series of elements that increase its nutritional capacity. Among its additives it provides 2000 Ul of vitamin D3, which has a great impact on the maintenance of the bone structure of adult dogs, to avoid decalcification due to age.

30,000 Ul of vitamin A have been added, which actively participates in the conservation of correct vision, as well as helping in the spermatogenesis of the males and improving the reproductive cycle of the females. This vitamin also keeps the epithelia healthy and actively participates in the good health of the skin.

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Thanks to the 450 mg of vitamin E, this food has an antioxidant effect, thus allowing a better metabolism of the cells and helping to delay aging. In addition, it is capable of strengthening the immune system, preventing the development of some viral diseases.

In addition, it contains 78 mg of iron, 1.3 mg of iodine, 8 mg of copper, 37 mg of manganese, among other elements that are beneficial to many of the processes that normally occur in dogs’ bodies, maintaining overall good health.

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