Types of dog leashes

Types of dog leashes

Looking for the best dog leashes? The well-being of your pet is important that is why choosing your leash well is not a trivial issue, not just any leash will do. What to look for when buying? If a dog has just been part of your life and you are lost with this topic, or if you bought a leash and you did not like it.

In the market there is a wide variety of leashes for dogs since not all need a leash of the same type. Each of these dog leashes has its own characteristics that will make it perfect for your dog. You have to bear in mind that the strap you choose will ultimately depend on its size and age, plus you will have to change it from time to time.

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What to consider when choosing leashes for dogs?

Choosing a strap is not easy since you have to take into account several factors. The first thing to do is discard the dog leashes that do not correspond to the size of yours. If you have a large dog, discard any that are not for him, for example. The same will happen if you have a small dog or a medium dog. Each dog size has an approximate measurement.

What are dog leashes for?

Dog leashes fulfill a series of very important functions so that the dog’s walk is perfect. It is essential that you always carry the dog on a leash, even if you think that it will not run away or that it will not face another dog. You can only release your dog in the places enabled for it.

In addition to ensuring a good walk, dog leashes fulfill the following functions :

  • Control the dog and keep it close.
  • Educate can.
  • Protect the dog against dangers such as cars.
  • Prevent the dog from getting close to other people. Keep in mind that not everyone likes animals.
  • Enjoy leisure time.
  • Avoid stress in the dog. If you train him on the leash, the dog will know how to behave
  • I know with it on.

These are some of the features that characterize dog leashes. Once you have learned this, you just have to choose the right strap for them.

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Types of dog leashes

As we have mentioned, there are several types of leashes for dogs. Each of them is determined for a type of behavior and size.

Out for a walk

This is perhaps the most common leash for dogs. It is the walk leash and it is the one normally carried by small dogs. It is tied directly to the neck as if it were a collar and is ideal for dogs that do not pull, whatever size it is. If your dog tends to pull, in addition to advising you to look for a good canine trainer, we recommend that you do not buy this type of leash.

Barbed wire

This type of strap was used a few years ago to avoid jerks, but it is not an instrument that today has a lot of market, especially in the case of individuals. This collar produces an uncomfortable sensation that, at first, will make the dog stop, but over time it will get used to that sensation and will pull again. That is why the trainers have decided to do without it .

Choke strap

Although it can be found in all kinds of stores dedicated to pets, the choke strap is not recommended if you do not have experience as a trainer. This type of collar can be quite dangerous since, as its name suggests, it can hang the dog.

It is a collar worn by professionals in the sector during training classes, but it should never be worn outside of them.


This is, without a doubt, the perfect leash for dogs that pull a lot and are difficult to control. Of course, this type of strap requires prior training and has its own technique. Also, the placement can be a bit disconcerting at first as it is very similar to what horses wear. It is tied on the nose and on the head.

Despite being a good leash to avoid pulling at a specific moment, you have to bear in mind that dogs should never pull, that is, they must be properly educated so that they do not pull.

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The harness is, without a doubt, our favorite type of leash. I think they are the best option whether the dog pulls or not since it does not cause coughing, choking or suffocation, even if the animal insists on pulling. It is ideal for walking since the front of this leash stays under the sternum and not over the windpipe, which means that the dog will not suffer any type of damage. In addition, it is much more manageable than any other model.

Electric belt

In this case, the electric leash is often used with training, although not all trainers are in favor of it. It must be clarified that the electrical impulses provided by this type of leash for dogs do not cause any pain or damage to the animal since they are minimum milliamps. They wouldn’t harm a fly.

Domestic use of this strap is not recommended as it is often misused. Better opt for one of the above to be able to take a good walk with your pet.


Although it is very comfortable, it is only suitable for dogs that never tend to pull and do not bite. You have to keep in mind that this leash leaves the dog semi free. This means that you have to be one hundred percent sure of the good behavior of the animal.

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It is also important to take into account the type of material when choosing one of the leashes for dogs. We are now going to know the advantages of each type of material so that you can decide which is the one that best suits your pet.


Dog leashes that are made of leather are very strong, making it ideal for large, strong dogs. They are also very soft and elegant straps, so we could say that they have it all.


Nylon straps, in addition to being resistant, are very flexible and there is a great variety. We could say that it is the favorite material in the canine world, hence the variety of leashes, colors and sizes is very large.

It is also a very safe material and suitable for dogs that pull, although they are recommended for small or medium breed dogs. Leather will always be best for large dogs.

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Although they are less used, since this material is characteristic of spike or choke belts, there are also steel belts. They are the most resistant, but, as we have seen, they are only suitable for dog experts.

How to choose the best leashes for dogs?

.What to look for when buying? With so many options, the choice seems to be complicated, we help you find the best leashes for your pet.

The size and strength of our dog

The size determines the choice of straps. A small dog when jerking will not have the same force as a larger dog. In this case, the resistance of the strap will be less noticeable. One of the most popular brands on the market is Flexi, good quality resistant straps with a very attractive price. They are ideal for all types of dogs, but one important aspect must be taken into account. If your dog is medium or large and tends to jerk a lot, then it may break the leash (be it Flexi or another brand). In these cases, a leather leash is required that is somewhat shorter and allows you greater control of the dog.

The carabiner

The metal part that you can see in the image is called the carabiner. This is what is then attached to the collar. If it is the first dog leash you buy, you may pay more attention to other aspects and ignore the carabiner. It is very important that you choose a carabiner that seems strong but light, since if it weighs a lot it will be uncomfortable for the dog and can cause injuries.

Fixing the carabiner is another aspect to consider. This part will be exposed to jerks by animals, so the connection between the strap and the carabiner must be solid. You can find different types of connections between carabiner and strap: for example, those that are glued, or those that are sewn or braided.

Any piece that is sewn will always have a greater resistance to torsion than those that are glued. The seams will not peel off all at once, while glued joints once they have weakened can peel off quite quickly. Better choose a strap with a carabiner that is sewn or braided, it lasts longer.

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Strap material

  • Made of nylon fabric: they are resistant and many are also extendable several meters, something that is comfortable to give the dog freedom, although you also lose control.
  • Leather leashes: the extendable ones are practical but the leather ones are also highly valued, since being shorter they allow greater control of the animal.
  • Polyamide leashes : they are leashes that are used for training Retriever dogs. The soft leashes are suitable for dogs that do not tend to jerk or that will be held for a short time.
  • Canicross: to run with your dog you will need a canicross kit. These kits include: a belt with reinforced seams for the owner, and a polyethylene belt of about 8 mm, with a latex shock absorber. These materials are designed to avoid sudden movements between the dog and the runner during the race.

Rantow Pet Leather Leash for Medium and Large Dogs 210cm x 1.8cm

The Rantow Pet Leash is made of fine leather with strong, handcrafted braiding. Tug-proof, even from the most insistent dogs. If yours likes to pull a lot, this strap is a good choice.

Adjustable length leather Feplast training strap

A robust bull leather strap. It is safe and easy to use, has a rotating carabiner, ideal for training your pet.

Belt Company Animals

A multi-position training strap, ideal for use with Halti Harness or Halti Headcollar. Provides good control of the animal, which is important for anti-pull training. Allows you to adjust it in three different lengths. Available in two colors, black and red. Amazon users consider this strap very good, it scores 4.3 out of 5. It has an excellent value for money.

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Nylon rope retractable dog leash extendable up to 5 m – for small dogs

A sturdy leash extendable up to 5 m and supports use on pets up to 50 kilos. Amazon users rate it well: it gets 4.1 points out of 5. 61% of opinions rate this strap with 5 stars and 22% with 4 stars. Definitely a good choice.

  • Extendable strap with a Brake & Lock button, safety system, easy to operate
  • Made of ABS plastic + nylon rope, very strong and durable
  • Non-slip and ergonomic handle is easier and safer to grip
  • The matter is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless

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Flexi New Classic black leash – extendable up to 5 m – for small and medium dogs

This strap is well valued on Amazon: it reaches 4.4 points out of 5. 66% of users rate it with the highest score or 5 stars. With 4 stars or a good score of 17%, which gives us that 83% of users value this product positively or very positively.

  • It has an extendable strap up to 5 M with high quality nylon strap and classic handle closure.
  • Available in four colors: black, pink, red and blue.

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