Types of drinkers for dogs

types of dog drinkers

A dog trough is nothing more than the container that we use so that our pet can drink at will. What makes us choose one drinking fountain or another? The important thing is that the drinker meets the dog’s needs. In a secondary way, we will find different types of drinkers depending on their material, storage capacity and size.

Another fundamental aspect of drinking fountains for dogs is that they must contain clean, bacteria-free water. When drinking, dogs use their tongues to collect water, leaving slime and microorganisms in it. It is vital to periodically renew the water in the drinking fountain and, of course, to keep the container clean.

There are no better or worse drinkers. Simply different. The current market has an infinite number of models, sizes, colors and functions to house our dog’s water. Once the needs of the animal are covered, it will depend on you and the time you can spend in its maintenance selecting one drinker or another.

The best thing to do is to make you a small list of the types of dog waterers that you can find. Of course, for a rush, you can always go to the bazaar on duty and get hold of a plastic drinking fountain. What really matters is that your animal has continuous access to clean, fresh water. Otherwise, the dog will become dehydrated and become ill.

dog water fountain

Types of automatic waterers for dogs

If you do not have time to fill the container with water for this purpose, I advise you to bet on the automatic drinkers. These devices will automatically fill the part intended for the dog to drink with water.

Depending on your dog’s breed and size, you will find a wide variety of automatic dog waterers on the market. Select the one that best meets the needs of the animal and the material that most convinces you. The installation of this type of drinkers is very simple. In addition, they are robust devices so it will be difficult for them to break due to use.

Tank drinkers

These types of containers have been designed for large or giant breed dogs. These are some species of cages in which there is a large drum that can be filled with clean water. A hose runs from this bottle to a lower tray where the dog can quench its thirst.

As a general rule, we can access the tanks without having to move the drinker. In this way, the dog will always have clean and fresh water. The volume of the deposits will allow you not to have to pay attention to it for days.

dog drinking4

Hopper-type dog waterers

If you have space at home and you don’t want to waste time taking care of your dog’s water and food on a daily basis, the hopper will be your final choice. Yes, they are nothing more than containers with divided compartments in which to put food and water for the animal. Its pyramid shape and inverted cone will allow water or food to move to the bottom, being deposited in trays free of access for the dog.

With the hopper-type dog waterers, your pet will have full access to his food and drink whenever he needs it. Of course, by containing large amounts of dry food, it is most likely that it gives off a certain smell. But I said, if you have space and want to save time in caring for your dog, the hopper is your thing. So you can spend more time playing with your dog, don’t you think?

dog drinking

Automatic drinkers for small dogs

It has no secret. They are drinkers similar to those with a tank but considerably smaller in size. Being designed for small dogs, your pets can have fresh water for days without having to worry about the drinking fountain.

Raised drinkers

If your pet is of considerable size, it is best to adopt raised drinkers. They help the dog to have less gas when it comes to eating or drinking. In addition, given the tendency to suffer gastric torsions the larger they are, if you have large or giant dogs I advise you to opt for this type of drinkers.

You will find from metal risers where you can fit the feeder and drinker to authentic carpentry masterpieces. Design is the least of it, the important thing is that the dog is comfortable while quenching its thirst.

Drinker clean ears and beards

The name says it all. This type of drinker is intended for dogs with large ears and porridge or with large beards. They will avoid soaking these areas of the body as long as they can drink clean ears and beards from a drinking fountain.

The special thing about this type of drinkers is that they have a kind of lid that only allows access to the dog’s nose. In this way, the hairs on the beard and ears are kept away from the water. Needless to say, you save a ton on towels and mop runs cleaning up the mess.

dog drinking2

Portable drinkers

Dogs have to drink even when they are not at home. To do this, before letting them drink from puddles, it will be better to bring some clean water and a portable waterer.

As incredible as it may seem, there is also a variety when it comes to portable waterers. They can be made of fabric, silicone and / or foldable. The fabric ones can usually be rolled up on themselves like a bag. The silicone ones are usually folded reducing volume to a single sheet. Very useful when you go to the beach, the mountains or for a long walk with your dog.

Divyesh Patel