Weaning in dog puppies

Weaning in dog puppies

The weaning puppies is the natural process of the dog to stop feeding breast milk and start eating that will monitor adult. It is the beginning of solids and learning to eat well throughout your life.

Before starting to explain the whole process, we are going to take into account all the stages of canine lactation and the processes that both the mother and the puppies go through.


puppy and mother

As in humans, colostrum is that clear liquid that the mother produces before the actual production of milk begins. It usually produces it in the first three or four days of the puppy’s life.

This liquid is of vital importance for puppies for its two main functions:

  • It provides them with 90% of the defenses necessary to survive -in the first weeks- to the infectious agents that swarm around them. Without colostrum, the puppies that are born only have 10% of the necessary defenses and their chances of survival are greatly diminished.
  • The colostrum ingested shortly after birth helps the blood circulate correctly, feeding all the internal organs of the puppy.


puppy drinking milk

It is the best food for the puppy until it is completely weaned and ready to leave its mother, which usually occurs between the sixth and eighth week of life.

Mother’s milk is a very rich diet for puppies, higher in calories, protein, fat and calcium than cow’s or goat’s milk. Because of this, if for any reason the puppy cannot be fed by its mother or she does not produce enough milk, cow’s or goat’s milk cannot be used as a substitute feed for the puppies, but the veterinarian will prescribe a milk of Substitution specially formulated to meet the needs of puppies.

You can also buy breast milk for puppies online, as is the case with the Bosch brand.

How to know if you are well fed

A puppy will want to suckle every 4 hours at first. Little by little, the shots will be spaced every 6 hours. If a puppy is hungry he will cry continuously, so there will be no doubt that he is underfed.

Another good indicator is the weight. Weight gain is the best indicator of good health and proper nutrition for your puppy. During the first two weeks of life, you should weigh it daily to make sure it grows normally. After one month of life, we recommend that you weigh it every three days.

How much weight should a puppy take a day?

puppy rolling ove

There is a rule that works quite well during the first weeks of life.

2-4 gr. x 1kg adult

If we multiply 2-4 grams per kilo of the weight that the puppy will reach as an adult, we will have the average fattening of the puppy per day.

So if we have a puppy that weighs 20kg as an adult, the calculation is: 2 x 20 = 40 and 4 X 20 = 80. The puppy should gain between 40 and 80 grams per day.

General guidelines:

7-10 days: double your birth weight

at six weeks: you have multiplied your birth weight 6 to 10 times.

at 4 months: he will weigh half his adult weight.

How to wean a puppy

pup[pies drinking milk

In the early stages of weaning, the mother’s milk will continue to be an essential part of the puppy’s diet.

Starting at 3-4 weeks of age, puppies will be able to lick wet food. At that point, the weaning process can begin, culminating in 6-8 weeks, when the fully weaned puppy is ready to be separated from its mother.

Between feeding and feeding the puppies can be given a little transition porridge, canned food for puppies or simply special food for puppies, soaked in water. (Milk should not be used to moisten the feed since, as it grows, it will cause diarrhea). Every day we will add less water, until the puppy ends up eating the completely dry feed.

Puppies should be offered food together by arranging the food on one or two plates, since the competition for food will encourage them to eat, but it will be necessary to make sure that there is enough for everyone.

At the same time, it is very important that puppies have fresh, clean water to drink at all times.

Puppies, large or small, usually need 4 to 5 meals per day until they reach four months of age. Then, we can go down to 3 times a day until they reach six months of age. From then on, we recommend TWO meals a day: one in the morning and one in the evening.

Weaning food for puppies

puppy in a bunch of f;lowers

It is very important to get off to a good start when feeding puppies. If we give everything we need, we will have strong dogs when they reach their youth and adult stage. Without a good diet, we can cause serious problems.

The weaning feed for puppies is porridge and we recommend Balankai. They are porridges with 100% natural ingredients and that begins to be given from three months of life to two months of age. As the puppy grows, feed is mixed with porridge so that they get used to the solid.

I think for puppies

Once the puppies are weaned, it is very important to offer a quality puppy food . If we wean well, with a good brand of porridge and then use a mediocre feed, we will have very bad results.

Currently on the market, we can find countless brands and components. It is difficult to find a good puppy food . We highly recommend Blue Wolf puppy food, with all the necessary ingredients for your puppy to grow up healthy and with all the nutrients it needs.

In this feed you will only find quality ingredients, no cereals or other types of products that you do not need.

Amount of feed for a puppy


For the puppies

From weaning to 2 months – 10% of their weight

From 3 to 4 months – 8% of your weight

From 5 to 6 months – 6% of your weight

From 7 to 8 months – 4% of their weight

From 9 to 10 months – 3% of their weight

From 11 to 12 months – 2% of their weight


Divyesh Patel