What Ailments Can CBD Help Cats With?

CBD ( cannabidiol ) is an active ingredient of the hemp plant, which has been gaining increasing attention recently. The substance is said to have anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and relaxing effects. The focus is particularly on the human organism, as CBD unfolds its effects via the body’s own endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS).

The majority of mammals now have this mechanism with which the organism  regulates the transmission of information via the  nerve cells . In doing so, impulses to feelings and emotions are either activated or blocked. Therefore, the question arises whether  CBD oil offers the same positive effects for cats , dogs and other pets. There are now many positive answers to this.

CBD can relieve physical and psychological ailments

Experience reports and  studies  show that CBD in the form of oil is particularly suitable for cats. It is easy to administer, it is very well tolerated and offers the same positive effects as in the human organism. So far, only the CBD’s own terpenes have been problematic, as these are difficult to digest for the digestive tract of the velvet paw. 

But there is now a large number of  products that take this situation into account. Therefore, all cat owners can breathe a sigh of relief and reach for high-quality CBD oil for cats, so that their darling can overcome the following clinical pictures without being maltreated with conventional drugs with all their unsightly side effects.


As with humans, arthritis is a disease in which bacterial inflammation in the joint area causes excruciating pain. You can tell by looking at the cat when it moves less or takes a relieving posture.

CBD oil naturally relieves this pain by exerting its anti-inflammatory effects. The oil strengthens the immune system, which activates its defenses to fight and eliminate the bacteria responsible for inflammation.


There are innumerable causes of chronic pain in cats. Often it is diseases that are not recognized at first glance. Even after accidents and operations, permanent pain can remain. It can be assumed that in these cases, CBD oil can block the transmission of pain in the nerve cells and decisively contain the symptoms, so that the cat is largely spared this suffering.


Pets also suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. Cats show this by hiding noticeably often and appearing very restless. CBD oil then unfolds its calming and antispasmodic  effects in the nervous system . The animal loses symptoms of stress before they can develop into panic attacks and reacts normally again.


In households with several animals in particular, there are inevitably more conflicts and aggression, especially in smaller residential units. Some cats, preferably those from the shelter, react disgruntled in such situations. Here, the calming effects of cannabidiol can ensure that these situations in the household can be made more harmonious.


Epilepsy is not a purely human phenomenon. Cats, dogs and horses also suffer from these convulsive seizures, which are caused by a temporary short circuit in the brain waves. It has been found that CBD alleviates these seizures in cats or that they go away entirely.

Loss of appetite

Many cats suffer from poor appetite. CBD has appetite-stimulating effects, so that eating behavior improves significantly. The substance also works against nausea and prevents the cat from vomiting.

Typical symptoms of cancer

Meanwhile, CBD is linked to the hope that the cell growth of cancer cells can be restricted in a natural way. Cats lose at least the apathetic behavior that is typical of cancer. 

Things to know about buying, using and dosing

CBD oil for cats is best bought online or at a pharmacy. The effects appear particularly quickly if the oil for cats is dripped into the mouth with a pipette. If the house tiger does not like the taste, the preparation can also be added to  wet food  . 

There is no uniform dosage recommendation. The body weight and the concentration of the active ingredient in the oil are decisive. So you should start with a low dosage. If necessary and well tolerated, the dosage is increased step by step until the desired effects are achieved.

Divyesh Patel