What are the best subscription boxes for dogs?

Subscription boxes are a unique opportunity to give our canine friend a gift, with the incentive that it will be a pleasant surprise for both of you. For this there are a series of websites, which offer you the possibility of registering and choosing between various subscription options. Cheer up, you’ll have a great time.

Best Dog Subscription Box Company: Pamipe

From TopperCan we recommend subscribing to Pamipe, to obtain in a single subscription box everything your dog needs about feeding; a personalized and 100% natural menu, toys, snacks and veterinary service where you can make inquiries by whatsapp Also with the TOPPERCAN40 coupon you will get a 40% discount on the final price of your subscription. What are you waiting for to subscribe to Pamipe? In this other article you will find opinions of other users about Pamipe.

Other websites of subscription boxes for dogs in Spain


In addition to an online store, this website offers monthly subscriptions, with a cost that, depending on the payment method you choose (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual) can be from € 19.90 to € 14.90. They promise boxes adapted to each dog (in fact, they ask you if it is large, small or medium, at the beginning of the registration) and with a theme every month.

If you want an extra toy you will have to pay an extra cost of € 5. You can choose it for your dog or to give it to another furry, shipping is free, you have no obligation to stay and your box will arrive every last week of the month. 20% of what you pay goes to help shelters, which rescue and take in street dogs.


This website, which until last year was called Mascoticlub, has boxes for € 13.90 per month, with five different products from premium brands (as indicated on their page there are products and brands, which you can only find in their boxes) and in original formats, In other words, they will not send you samples.

Subscriptions can be monthly, semi-annual or yearly, which can save you a few euros. Shipping is free and you will receive the box for each month in the last week. The gifts included in it will be according to the size of your dog and you should know that there is no obligation of permanence and you can unsubscribe by simply sending them an email.


This website offers you three different types of boxes with first-class content and a 10% discount in its online store: the surprise (includes a toy, 5 snacks) for € 19, the premium Lupi (a 15 kg bag of feed of the Lupi brand and assorted snacks) for € 29 and the Premium Essence (toys, snacks and 12 kg of Essence wild boar feed) for € 45 (the last two boxes include veterinary support). In this article you will find opinions about Barkyn , what are you waiting to try?

Another option you have on this website is that you can customize the type of box you want to buy for your dog yourself, changing the brand of feed in each box that is offered or creating one to suit you and your friend’s furry. Shipping is free and by subscribing you agree to purchase a minimum of 3 boxes and a maximum of 12.

Snouts Box

The subscription boxes for dogs offered by the Hocicos Box team are great. Not only do they have a wide variety of items, since each delivery contains snacks, hygiene items for your canine friend and of course very fun toys, but each item is personalized according to the characteristics of your furry dog.

This implies that when choosing the gifts for each month, the experts at Hocicos Box take care to take into account circumstances as important as the dog for whom the box is intended suffers from some type of allergy, intolerance to certain foods, which it’s their age, breed and coat type and until the gifts match their personal tastes.

The box options are: for dogs, for cats or the Mix that is for happy owners of dogs who live with cats. If you have more than one animal, it is also possible to opt for the Premium option, which brings more items. You can choose the plan that best suits you from a single or monthly box for € 19.99 to the annual one for € 17.99; If you want it premium, you get a tad more.


This is a different website from the previous ones, because what it proposes are fun plans for humans and pets, which you can give to yourself and your canine friend or choose the one you like the most and give to a friend or family member, which you know they will enjoy. big these experiences with his dog.

The cheapest option is “A day with your pet”, where for € 49.90 you can choose between spending a night in a hotel (there are many cities to choose from) with your dog, doing a tourist activity, doing a veterinary checkup, having a section dog training or enjoy a guided tour.

If you opt for the most expensive experience that costs just less than € 200 and is called “One Thousand and One Getaways”, the options are even wider, since you can stay with your dog for a maximum of 3 days in a dog-friendly hotel with half board or opt for other ways to enjoy together, of the more than 10 that are included in the package.

TGBox gives you the opportunity to choose an experience that adapts to the character of your pet, your needs and theirs, your desire to see the world and your pocket. Do not forget to visit their website and learn about their offers of experiences with pets. You will surely find one that fascinates you or that is an ideal gift.

How do subscription boxes for dogs work?

Its operation is very simple and practical: you only have to register on some of the websites that offer this service, providing the requested data and you will receive a box with a certain number and type of gifts at home (each website is different) and with the frequency that you choose, that is: monthly, semester or annually.

Generally when you are going to register as a subscriber, in addition to choosing the frequency with which you want the boxes to arrive or the payment method (they usually accept credit cards, electronic wallets, PayPay, etc.), you will also have to give them the data of your dog, to take into account its age, size and / or sex, when assembling its box.

Almost all the websites take the opportunity to thematize the subscription boxes and the gifts that it contains depending on the date, that is, in February you will have gifts related to Valentine’s Day, in October you will receive some “scare” presents for Halloween and in December you will have a lots of little things to leave your little dog, at the foot of the Christmas tree.

The costs of these dog boxes (a concept that was born in the US and has become viral in the rest of the world) vary a lot from one page to another, but they all assure that the joint value of their content is always much greater than that you pay for them, that is to say that if you bought each gift separately you would pay much more in total.

What do the subscription boxes for dogs contain?

In general, each subscription box for dogs includes toys, accessories for dogs such as collars, wipes, hygienic bags or bowls for water or food, doggie treats, snacks and different types of feed , from organic brands to gluten-free foods , low in fat or for special needs.

The idea is that each time you and your dog receive the box, which will depend on the frequency you have chosen, you get a series of useful and functional gifts, be they playful, practical and / or nutritious. It will also be a good opportunity for your furry to try different feed and treats.


In short, as you have seen, you have many options to choose from when deciding on a subscription box for dogs or an experience with pets, because there are them for all tastes and economies, with the most select gifts, from renowned brands and personalized.

Surprise your canine friend with a different box every month and save money and time or give yourself or give to whoever you want, a joint and different activity, in which dog and human enjoy those wonderful and unforgettable moments that are only lived together with the companion that never fails: a furry one.

Divyesh Patel