What is the best cat food: wet or dry?

We analyze whether a diet with dry food is better for your cat or if, on the contrary, wet food is better. We also dismantle several myths and give you the best advice so that your animal’s diet is as balanced as possible.

As a cat owner, surely on more than one occasion you have hesitated between wet food or dry food, since both are available in the supermarket and both are made by the same manufacturers.

That is why this time at Wamiz we want to help you decide, since we are aware that it is a delicate matter and about which there are a lot of myths and prejudices .

Next, we analyze everything so that you have as much information as possible. Which is better for your cat: wet or dry?

Dry cat food: the benefits of kibble

The dry food (I think) brings significant benefits in the diet and digestion of your cat. In the first place, it is likely that it seems less appetizing at first, however, this characteristic can help your cat take it more calmly, eating the food more slowly, with the obvious benefits that this has for his digestive system.

Also this type of food will cause the animal to eat in smaller quantities, but it will do so more frequently, so its digestions will be much lighter.

Apart from the benefit that this type of food has for your cat, it also offers certain advantages for us:

  • This food is easier to store.
  • Its shelf life is longer once the package is opened.
  • It is much easier to measure and weigh.
  • It hardly leaves any residue.

Wet cat food: pros and cons

wet food

Contrary to what we have told you in the previous paragraph, wet food is really appetizing for cats and few are able to resist the aroma that a can gives off as soon as it is opened.

By having a greater amount of water in its preparation, the animal will be forced to drink less water , so you should not neglect this aspect of its diet.

This food has a much shorter shelf life than dry food and that is why we must opt ​​for the brands that offer their product in daily servings, since in this way we will ensure that the product is in the best condition at the time of delivery. intake.

How to prepare cat food: mix of wet and dry!

If you have not been able to decide, we will tell you that there is also the possibility that you may give them a mixture of the two types of food, as many dog ​​owners do.

In this case, you must be very careful with the amount of food you give it, as we do not want the animal to gain more weight than necessary . Controlling your weight will lead you to lead a much healthier and therefore happier life.

Is wet food less healthy than dry food and makes you fatter?

We have been hearing this statement for many years and that is why we would like to analyze it. There is no single type of dry food, not a single type of wet food. Within these two aspects there are many brands and many levels in terms of quality, so it will depend a lot on the brand that we have acquired.

Obviously, at Wamiz we are always going to opt for the benchmark brands , because we do not want to skimp on our cats’ food and, consequently, on their health. In the supermarket you can find light wet food foods that can contain much less fat than other dry food foods.

As we have said before, everything will depend on the quality of the product itself and not on whether it is wet food or dry food. That is the key.


Divyesh Patel