What is the best food for my dog?

Surely you have asked yourself this question many times. The reality is that we are increasingly aware of our diet, as the same happens with our best friends, dogs. They are no longer just a pet but a member of our family.

In recent years, the diet of our dogs has changed a lot. Worrying about your diet is no longer just a fad, it is the basis for a healthy diet and the best prevention of future pathologies. Good nutrition in your dog is synonymous with a long life. Likewise, breeds also evolve, the crossbreeds of dogs … But nevertheless, we must not leave behind their origin, which is the wolf, adapting to the evolutionary process that the dog has lived. 

Currently the canine food market shows awareness about nutrition, and several new food trends have been created in the diet of our dogs, in this post we will name all the possibilities, although I already advance you that the cooked food of Dogfy Diet is the best option :

I think (dry food):

It is the most used and common option, often due to ignorance or simply because it has been instilled for many years as the perfect food for the dog. When choosing the feed, it is very important and preferable that you let yourself be recommended by people who have knowledge of Canine Nutrition, since “the brand” has a lot of power, the marking used for a long time, but we stop reading what is really important: The back of the bag, the analytical composition.

But… what is my dog ​​really eating? 

We must make sure that the feed does not contain additives or flavorings, dogs do not really have a digestive tract to assimilate these added products. The list of ingredients must specify the origin of the fat and animal protein (fish, beef, chicken …), which is not the same as saying “animal protein” we would be talking about by-products then. If corn appears in the composition of the food, you should know that it is very difficult for dogs to digest it and it can cause allergies such as celiac disease.


  • Easy conservation.
  • Comfortable to serve as it is not personalized.


  • Cooking process: High temperatures, which therefore lose many nutrients.
  • Heavier digestions, it takes more than 10 hours to digest: It is not a digestive food, the dog’s body is designed to eat with 70% humidity.
  • It does not keep the animal hydrated.
  • Little safety in their nutrition. 
  • They are not so palatable. It will be more attractive if flavorings are added, as we have said, they are not healthy for them.
  • Chemicals, additives and ultra-processed products.

Barf Diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)

The Barf diet is an aspect of the Natural food in Canine Nutrition, it is  a diet based on raw meat, bones and viscera, which imitates the food of a wild animal.

It is based on the origin of the dog, his ancestor the Wolf. Therefore, the dog is Carnivore, it is true that his digestive system is prepared exclusively for it. Although today, the breeds have evolved a lot and we think that for example a Pug or Yorkshire cannot eat it, the truth is that yes, they are still genetically prepared for it.

All these changes are due to the Domestication Process the dog has changed in appearance, behavior, it is no longer used for work … but not its digestive system and organism. There are many brands that sell it already prepared for dog consumption, other people prefer to make it themselves, being a bit dangerous in case they have a lack of nutrients if they are not advised by experts.


  • They eat with more appetite, they do not usually tire of their food.
  • Thanks to protein they have more energy.
  • Tartar is significantly reduced.
  • Reduction of allergies.


  • There may be a bacteriological risk: bacteria do not die by freezing  (only their growth is inhibited),  parasites  (mostly) do.
  • Extreme caution must be exercised in groups at special risk such as children, pregnant women, the elderly or the immunosuppressed, due to the risk of infection if they handle the product.
  • There may be a lack of fiber.
  • With excess bone, there may be occasional constipation.
  • If it is homemade, we must closely monitor the portions and amount of nutrients.

Cooked Homemade Food

Feeding your dog with Homemade Cooked Food is the best option. It is a variant of Natural Nutrition in which we use foods suitable for human consumption, choosing the necessary amounts of each of them to provide a 100% complete and varied diet to our furry. Unlike BARF, these ingredients are cooked for a certain time, this translates into all the advantages of a natural diet in which you control the entire process and content, but avoid the bacteriological risk. 

Being a Canine Nutritionist, without a doubt I bet on Dogfy Diet, a brand that offers varied and balanced menus for your dog’s palate and health. Likewise, nutritional monitoring is ensured, personalizing in portions, nutritional advice and thus worrying about the well-being of all the furry ones. In the online world, there is personalization, that is Dogfy Diet, offering nutritional advice with your best friend is really something to highlight.


  • Thanks to cooking: We obtain a better preservation of its original nutrients.
  • It enhances the organoleptic characteristics (smell, color, flavor …) for our tasters.
  • It does not accommodate possible bacteria.
  • Your health is assured and the emotional well-being of our best friend.
  • We increase your energy.
  • Digestive diseases are greatly reduced.
  • High digestibility and good absorption of nutrients.
  • We reduce the amount of stool and the noticeable change in shape, less amount …
  • Cases of obesity are rarely seen.
  • “Healthy hair, healthy dog” They win in quality of coat and skin.
  • We strengthen your immune system.


  • We must always have a freezer and refrigerator space.
  • We need a little more time to prepare your dish (defrost, heat and serve).
  • As for Dogfy Diet, we must make sure that we are always at our home or chosen address waiting for our package.
  • Choosing the right menus is important. Depending on their pathologies, know very well the diet that will suit our furry best.
  • If our dog is a puppy, keep track of the weight, since with the feed, the ration does not vary so much depending on the months.

Divyesh Patel