Why cat health insurance is important?

Does health insurance make sense for the cat? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but cat health insurance can protect against financial bottlenecks in an emergency.

Surgical interventions or long-term treatments are expensive for cat owners who have not taken out any relevant insurance.

Cat Health Insurance – Who Needs It and Why?

Why cat health insurance is important?
For us humans there is a compulsory health insurance in Germany. It is different with your animal, so you have to consider and weigh up.

Does health insurance make sense for the cat or can you save the money and pay for the treatment yourself if necessary? It all depends on whether you can access reserves if the cat is sick.

You have to know that some treatments cost in the hundreds of thousands and can lead to a financial bottleneck that should not be underestimated.

If you have taken out pet insurance for the cat, you only pay the deductible and do not have to pay for the treatment from the household budget.

Health insurance for the cat is risk insurance
Cat health insurance
Before you start looking for health insurance for cats, you should know the principle of cat health insurance.

It is a risk insurance from which you do not know whether and to what extent you will ever use it. In principle, taking out health insurance for cats covers “imponderables and possibilities”.

Specifically, this means: If the cat becomes ill and the bills at the vet are higher than the premiums paid during the term, the insurance has paid off.

If the cat stays healthy, which is a top priority, the cat health insurance costs can be more expensive than the sum of all veterinary visits.

What risks does insurance cover for cats?
Good insurance for cats is equivalent to your own health insurance in terms of benefits. For operations and their preparation and aftercare, the costs are covered in the tariff as agreed.

Comprehensive diagnostics, outpatient and inpatient treatments and long-term therapies for chronically ill cats can also be reimbursed.

But this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff, because not every health insurance for cats includes identical benefits.

For example, there are insurance companies that fully or partially subsidize alternative healing methods. This is not the rule and should be included in the search if you are interested.

Are costly surgeries included in health insurance?

Why cat health insurance is important?
In addition to health insurance for the cat, you can also take out special surgery insurance. However, this is expensive and not really necessary if you choose high-performance health insurance for the cat.

A pure operating theater insurance only pays for surgical interventions. On the other hand, the cat health insurance with operating costs coverage also pays if your house cat has to go to the “ dentist ”.

Attention: Health insurance for cats usually does not pay any vaccination costs
In order for your cat to stay healthy and feel really good , it needs annual vaccinations and deworming.

A chip is advisable for people walking outdoors so that you can find the animal again if your cat cannot find its way home after a long walk.

The vaccination costs and deworming costs are not an integral part of health insurance for the cat.

You can opt for cat health insurance that will cover these recurring costs on a pro rata basis.

Preventive treatments are the same as in alternative medicine. Some insurers offer you all-inclusive cat health insurance.

Other tariffs can be individualized against a surcharge of the cat health insurance costs. Very few animal health insurance tariffs are rigid and cannot be adapted to your needs.

If there are several cats, each animal needs separate protection

Why cat health insurance is important?
As a cat lover, you usually don’t just have one house tiger. Multiple cats are multiplied happiness, but also multiplied veterinary costs.

If a cat has fleas , you can be sure that you will have to treat all roommates. Cat health insurance is like your own health insurance.

It is “personal” and only covers your costs. So if you take out cat health insurance, you have to cover each cat individually.

The conclusion of the contract requires the naming of specific characteristics, so that the principle “one health insurance – several cats” does not work.

Check very carefully whether the cat health insurance does not grow over your head in terms of costs.

Because a tariff for two or more animals can allow discounts, but costs significantly more than animal insurance for a cat.

What should good cat health insurance cost?

Why cat health insurance is important?
Cat health insurance
There is no blanket indication of how much cat insurance can cost. Because the amount of the premium depends on many factors.

For example, health insurance is more expensive for an older cat than for a young animal. In the case of pre-existing conditions, insurance cover can be refused entirely or offered at an additional cost.

The annual reimbursement costs and your deductible are also influential. Last but not least, of course, your wish for the takeover according to the GOT sentence is in the room.

Veterinarians often charge three times the fee, so that your treatment costs for the cat can quickly reach three digits.

In the case of very extensive treatments and chronic illnesses, the invoice amount can also be in the four-digit range.

If the cat health insurance covers the costs and pays three times the rate, you’ve made the right decision. If you have underperforming health insurance for the cat, then the contract is really for the cat.

Tariffs with high services can cost around EUR 35 per month and thus EUR 420 per year. Weigh what costs you expect at the vet.

If your cat gets sick, the pet insurance for the cat usually pays off. Because you have to know: 420 EUR can be reached and exceeded quickly in a treatment with aftercare.

Premium comparisons help you save

Why cat health insurance is important?
In order to find suitable health insurance for the cat, you need a checklist. This must contain all the criteria that are essential for you in relation to the services.

You also set yourself a maximum monthly amount for the premium. After completing the list, you can search online and use the relevant comparison portals.

Tip: never sign the first contract you come across!
Read the small print carefully and carefully.
If you have any doubts, find out how a statement is meant.

To find out what cat health insurance will cost, you need to know what the premium is for. So it is not enough to only carry out a price comparison and take out the cheapest offer.

Only if you get a high level of benefits and save money at the same time have you ultimately found top insurance for cats.

Performance comparisons protect against high deductibles
The scope of benefits, but also your deductible, are important comparison criteria. Include the fee rate in the comparison and note what percentage the pet insurance covers for the cat.

It’s a fact: Most veterinarians use two to three times the rate. If you are only insured for a single rate, you will pay in addition to the generally agreed deductible.

This means that, despite having health insurance for the cat, you are largely self-paying and cannot really save.

Properly look for animal health insurance for the cat

Why cat health insurance is important?
Your attention on the search and in comparisons is the basis of a suitable cat health insurance. As already mentioned, veterinary treatment costs can quickly reach the higher three-digit or even four-digit range.

You take out health insurance for the cat so that you don’t have to go into debt and take out a loan to treat the cat. According to the basic idea, you decide which insurer offers you this security.

There are very different tariffs in the area of ​​pet insurance for cats. Get at least three offers and take the time to compare them comprehensively.

Check the reimbursement rate – what rate does the insurance company cover?
The reimbursement rate according to the veterinary fee schedule cannot be mentioned often enough. Because it is precisely in this point that the tariffs in cat health insurance differ.

If a monthly premium seems too cheap to you, be sure to check which rate will be reimbursed. You will quickly notice that the pet insurance for the cat only pays the single reimbursement rate and you are left with double to triple the costs.

To ensure that cat health insurance is worthwhile, you should know before signing the contract whether the animal insurance is worthwhile for you.

Take out cat health insurance only for inpatient treatment?

Why cat health insurance is important?
If you follow this thought, you will mainly find offers for pure operating theater insurance. This is available from EUR 10 per month and is therefore cheaper than health insurance for the cat.

But you only get paid if your cat is operated on. Even there are differences. One health insurance for the cat pays for outpatient operations, while the assumption of costs with the next provider is linked to the operation in a veterinary clinic.

Comprehensive health insurance for the cat always makes more sense than area coverage. The risk of surgical interventions is significantly lower than the need for conventional treatment at the veterinarian.

Keep in mind that surgery is expensive – but it is by no means the most expensive veterinary treatment.

If your cat becomes chronically ill and needs treatment for the rest of its life, you will not regret your decision to take out pet insurance for the cat.

And you cannot look inside your kitten when it moves in with you and explores its surroundings in perfect health. A pure operation insurance makes little sense.

If you want to be on the safe side and not play the lottery with your expenses at the vet, take out high-performance health insurance for the cat.

Tip: Obtain various offers, compare benefits and cat health insurance costs
You have defined your requirements for the services. You have made online comparisons and looked at some offers more closely. Now it goes to the finals.

Get three or more cat health insurance quotes. Try to negotiate a discount if, for example, you want to insure several cats.

Check the services and the assumption of costs according to the fee rate.

Only take out insurance for cats if you are convinced of the offer and not in doubt.

Since this is an emergency risk insurance, the bottom line is that you will be happy if you never need cat health insurance.

Do i need cat health insurance?

Why cat health insurance is important?
Yes and no. With sufficient liquidity and small reserves, you can save yourself having to take out health insurance for the cat. If your budget is tight, the additional monthly expenditure can be worthwhile.

The decision does not depend on the health of the cat, because you can only insure healthy animals without previous illnesses. When you take out health insurance for a cat, you do not know whether an insured event will occur.

Also, consider the risk the cat is exposed to. Outdoor cats are more at risk than indoor cats because they can have an accident outdoors.

As you can see, there are some pros and cons that you can only consider for yourself in balance. When taking out cat health insurance, make decisions that are efficient and affordable.

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